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early to bed..early to rise...

Carol  ·  Mar. 24, 2012

so where the heck is the healthy, wealthy and wise????

the diabetics are back on schedule so that's a relief. my life is so determined by their next insulin dose timing. it honestly doesn't make much difference if you have one diabetic or five like me cuz the insulin all gets given at the same time morning and evening. oh... but... there is the actual cost of the insulin..the five together use 110 units of insulin per day....(aahhhh... there goes the wealthy!!)

and we all know where healthy is zipping right thru the fast food drive in... i actually do sometimes miss a real working, non animal packed kitchen...(or having a private chef.)

and as to the wise? pretty hard to store much wisdom when my memory is sort of fried.

whatever..i did finally get a decent sleep again last night but..if it ain't going to make me healthy, wealthy or wise...whats the actual point?

sigh..there isn't one. so i guess that means from now on... i can stay up late and sleep until noon????

staying up late isn't a problem but good luck to me staying put until noon!

so this morning i am thinking i better start planning the grass growing freakout that i have every spring...and after spreading all of that soil and mud down around the bottom field..i have a lot of grass areas that need me freaking out again. grass growing is so stressful and it lasts from april until the end of june when we absolutely have to have fixed both of the fields for our grazing animals.

i drive by these places with horses standing around in barren dirt or mud or cows forever stuck in barns...fer chrissakes give the poor buggers some grass to chow down on...grazing is such an integral quality of life issue for these guys...god made them to graze.

anyway.. heads up warning to all of the saints folks..i am starting the freakouts over too much rain..then too little, peering at the sprouts poking thru the soil one micro millimeter each day, fussing over having so many large barn anmals on one tiny piece of land and who the hell put that freaking pile of hay on the grass cuz it is killing it god damn it!!!!

spring has sprung at saints and everyone is gonna wish i did sleep in til noon so i quit driving them nuts obsessing about grass.


Bunny Horne

Carol driving everyone NUTZ - IMPOSSIBLE!!!
Obsessing about grass? You do know my second job is at a medical cannabis dispensary? Oh wait, that's weed not grass.
If you need Brent to aerate the pastures for you put it in the "Invisible Brent To Do List". If you need seed picked up we can do it, just ask. If you need the pastures leveled for good growth just put it on the Invisible List.