Rescue Journal

saint peter pan

Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2012

i got up this morning and i watched buddy literally drag himself out of his bed in so very slow motion, to say hello. ahhh were running around too much again yesterday. his shoulders/neck are swollen and tight...poor boy.

i gave him his usual pain meds and added a dose of muscle relaxant for him too and sent him back to bed to let the meds kick in.
i keep telling him not to do this..but...i never actually stop him.
if you haven't seen how joyful buddy can be when we are on out the runs.... imagine a 15 yr old puppy flying around chasing after june and mystic and anyone else in his view, barking his fool head off just having fun.

man... that is the way to grow old...pull out the stops and fully enjoy the moment, the happy excitement of being with family and friends in a very fun game.... the warm and wonderful sunhine, the simple joy in being alive (and pretty damn mobile)...and then take a couple of good drugs so your body forgets what a peter pan idiot you were yesterday.

and i should have given him the muscle relaxants last night when he went to bed so today he didn't have the painful peter pan price to pay.

sorry buddy..i could have proactively done a bit better for you yesterday.



buddy reminds me a lot of dexter. he just keeps on going and so sweet. love that dog.