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the ongoing saga of daphne and her bladder issues...

Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2012

so she yanked out her suprapubic cathetor...balloon and all..(it had gotten wrapped around her back foot) and we rushed her back into the vets for her third emergency surgery to put it back in (caylee was here so she went back into work to help dave with the surgery...thx caylee!!!) the good news is while they were in there they found that the giant stone blocking her urethra had slipped back up into the bladder so dave was able to finally grab it and get it out....yay dave!!!!
now daph heals from this last surgery for a couple of days and then she comes home... finally, bladder stone free!!!!
he said while the interior of her bladder is still a freaking does look better and it is healing and while she will need to be on antibiotics for month or so, she will be ok. another heartfelt full of relief big freaking YAY!!!

percy ate a little bit today and he liked his guiness said she thought he felt perkier. the vets will be back tomorrow for another long acting antibiotic injection. i wish he could come out from his shady confinement and lay in the sun with his friends..but he can't.

lizzie and tonka were adopted yesterday..and jelly has gone to KO's for an afternoon visit, she should be home around dinner time.
and i mustn't forget that pinky arrives later today as well. i think it is pretty cool that the 2nd (ie oops wrong leaky daxi) mistake arrives on the same day that daphne has unexpectedly made it to has to be karma at work....a good cosmic day for leaking daxi's.


Mauro Salles

PS: In Portuguese we say Daphne was born "com o cu virado para a Lua".

Mauro Salles

Yeah, it's a saga!!! I must say Daphne is a VERY LUCKY girl, in a weird way... A high-risk surgery "became" an "emergency" one that eliminated the main risk. Hope she will be OK!!!!!!!!!

Astrologers associate these events to Jupiter or Sagittarius...


I'm so glad that Daphne is hopefully on the mend. It will be nice to see her playing ball again.


Glad to hear Tonka and Lizzie found a home. They were too young to be at a seniors center.
Although walking into the area this morning and finding two cats missing was a bit of a worry.


Way to go, Daphne - and a huge Yah to Percy, also! Carol, you must be feeling so much better now!


Sooo glad the news is better for Daph & Percy' coming along a bit better and praying it keeps going in the right direction' makes my heart smile' cheersPollyb


On a side note... I forgot to remind you that there is tuna in the fridge for you in a ziploc box, Just tuna, mayo, and onions. There are 2 cheese / onion buns in a ziploc bag in the cupboard for you to make sandwiches.