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Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2012

the vet was out to see percy and gave him injections of pain meds, antibiotics and steriods..he does have aspiration pneumonia now, but we expected this. a couple of hours after the injections he was feeling much, much better...he has eaten well today including finally some hay, had some coke and beer and some special cool crunch treats that janice bought up for him so i am happy about that.

all of the vet run guys did ok...marvin and zsu-zsu had repeat convenia injections..fergus had some more bloodwork done but has lost a bit more weight (he is eating really well.) holly has an appropriate elavil dose now so hopefully she won't feel so anxious.

daphne gave me the big happy kissy face/whipping tail wags and can come home tomorrow but will still need a few days of cage rest.

pinky is freaking adorable..i am already falling in love..he is not an asshole at all. he too gives great kissy face and he wants to be carried around....(you can tell this because every chance he can get near your feet he is freaking bouncing up and down!) i do think once he isn't so scared here, he will be a bossy holy terror but that is fine with me..i like little broken bossy terrorists...i think they are funny.

the basic bones of the new chicken area will be ready for the barn yard birds to move into tomorrow. we still have to build the big fenced free range outside area...but the inside coops and smaller wire roofed outside coops are done...just need the nesting boxes and roosting bar and it is all ready to go!

yay saints is no longer a rescued chicken/duck/turkey slum lord!!!!



I'm glad to hear both Percy and Daphne are both feeling better. I was quite excited on Saturday to see the new house for the feathered gang.It is really nice!! No more banging your head on the outside or the inside roof, you can actually stand up tall! The doors look big enough for the wheelbarrows to get through(I get excited about the small things.!!). Very nice Carol, and I'm pretty sure they are really going to like their new posh penthouse coop!!