Rescue Journal

i fell aleep too early...

Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2012

and now i am wide awake..i just hate it when that happens!
i could just sit here and worry about various things..or wash a wall or fold the laundry in the dryer but i would rather not. i could jump on my high horse and bitch about something like how the world treats animals if i thought hard enough but i don't really feel like thinking that much.

i do hope everyone is supporting the teachers during the current conflct involving our very busy body government, i don't know too much about all of the issues but i do know they haven't had a pay increase since 2006 when gas used to be about 60 cents per litre and i do know that the classoom sizes are too big for kids to be able to learn well.

i do think the government should stay out of both health care and education.... A) because their not so bright ideas on how to do it better and cheaper are paid for at the expense of both patients and children and B) cuz the government is stupid..they are so used to screwing around and wasting money so their political bullshit sounds pretty good that they have forgotten that there are actual real live people involved who are not getting the medical care that they need and our kids are not getting the solid education they need for all of our futures.

i find it interesting that the public school system sucks too much for our elected officials own school aged kids to attend but it is just fine for every other kid out there..... and not too many high ranking political figures (or their families) are sitting on any waiting lists waiting for medical care.

we have a two tiered medical and educational for the folks who have power and one for the discounted regular folks who the powerful folks are supposed to protect and defend.

oh shit..i am on that freaking high horse again..i better go back to bed.



I do support the teachers but I have one big beef about picketing leave the children off the picket lines. It's an adult problem that should be resolved by adults. Enough said.


There's no doubt that society is upside down in what it values (at least, I think so). When you consider that actors, singers, sports figures are paid millions and millions to entertain us, yet the people who help shape our children's future (teachers)and those who help keep us healthy and/or save our lives (health care) are paid little in comparison.