Rescue Journal

planning out the day

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2012

pinky got to be a bed buddy til i turned off the tv...then i stuck him back in the cage (because he is crippled i worried he might fall of of the bad when i was sleeping..i will pass on the guilt of breaking the new daxi!)

june and mystic were pissed tho cuz i wouldn't let them in and play on the bed...(because they might have broken him too when they were goofing around.)

yay today is chicken and duck moving day!!! crosby has to wait til her outside fenced area is complete.but..shit...then i have to steam clean all of the birds holding cages..that is going to suck pretty big....but..thx maggie for buying us that hand-held steam cleaner!!

i don't want to think too much further into today cuz at some point i need to go shopping for feed...AND..the insurence is sending a nurse here today for the medical part of the process to increase my life insurence for saints...urgh...and oh freaking not yay.



Very happy to hear the good news on Daphne and Percy. Since it worked so well for Percy, have you thought about offering a Guiness to Daphne? Dachshunds, in my experience, are rather fond of beer ...

Pinky sounds like a delightful guy. I hope somebody can video the moment when he and Daphne meet! I'll bet they become quite a power couple.

No more word on Jazzy?

It's been a good week for news!


Carol, I bought myself one of those steamers at the same time so when you are ready to steam clean the cages I can come up with mine and help.