Rescue Journal

pinky is in jail.

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2012

after i got all of the diabetics done..i finally had some time for daphne..i grabbed the little crippled bugger along the way and told him to be gentle with daphne. i pulled daph out of her cage and settled in for some quality multi-tasking ie... bed buddy schmoozing/watching TV/ cuddling multiple broken daxi stuff.
pinky was pretty good...a gentle lick on her coned cheek..then another...he slowly slid in a sweet lick in her ear. daphne leaned into that...this was pleasant and relaxing and more what she had in mind.

pinky of course blew it..the second he felt her softening towards him...he lunged forward to climb on top of her shoulders. i have no idea what the hell he thought he was doing but he is lucky she is wearing a cone or he would be minus an eye.

what a freaking doorknob..nothing like actively seeking one eyed cripplehood. i stuck him in her cage and told him to sleep off stupid and to try using a bit more finesse to charm her tomorrow.

he is polite and respectful of all of the other dogs....but for some reason daphne drives all sanity right out of his head..he just has to be all over her.

injured princesses do not like oafish boarish pisses them off and lands the lovestruck in jail while she will spend the night safe and warm on the bed.

prince pinky not-so-charming seriously needs a romance coach.


Bunny Horne

Carol, get the weiner dog world Daphne IS ONE sexy dog. Her personality, those flowing ears, that long sleek body, wait till he sees her bouncing through the yard with a ball. And it is spring after all.

Marla in SD

We fostered a young St. Bernard/Husky mix for several month while his forever-mom was going through chemo for cancer. He often comes back to hang out with us when his family leaves town - at 110 pounds and still full-on puppy-dumb (he's two, but that doesn't matter to him!), he's a bit much on long-distance car rides!

Anyhow, I have a five year old Red Heeler named Molly who was once a foster and who I am thankful every day that God made me smart enough to make part of my permanent family. Frankie (named for Sinatra since he has blue eyes)LOVES Molly but isn't smart enough to move slowly - we go through Molly putting this large "puppy" (who is probably at least five times her size) in his place every time he comes to visit. At first, I felt bad because I didn't want his family upset with Molly, but, bless them both, they cheer Molly on now. It all settles down once Frankie starts thinking with the right part of his body, but those first few hours can be pretty intense!

Little Mister Pinky, learn your place and maybe, if you can learn to be VERY charming, you'll get your wish. And if it's not completely your wish, at least you'll maybe make a very good friend in your new home!