Rescue Journal

sorry guys...

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2012

not really blogging tonight...i just spent an hour filing a complaint with the better business bureau in the hopes that they will help us get a full refund on those security cameras that never were installed...i did delete my original ranting post... too full of frustrated i will just take a deep breath and wait to see what the BBB says..
i do hope tho that we won't have to waste time and energy in court.
anyway i may be calmer but i do have a headache now.

all of the animals here are fine tonight..hope it stays that way.

the vet was out to see percy again..more antibiotic, pain meds and steriod injections...poor boy must feel like a cow pin cushion by now.

i did get fergus's blood work results back earlier today...and sadly it does look more and more like an underlying cancer. i have to decide if i want to put him thru more diagnostics like xrays and ultrasounds.
for a hyperative, seizuring, one eyed, 15 yr old might be kinder and more compassionate for him to just be patient and wait and see how he proceeds with any more symptoms..currently except for the intermittent diarrhea and weight loss he is pretty comfortable and happy.

foster updates

wilma (aka sugar in foster care with zoe) had an eye enucleation both eyes are gone. she has adapted well to her blindness but the ongoing unsuccessful treatment for her glaucoma pain, made removing her eye the best option. the vet said she did well with her surgery and would go home today.

hugs to saints fosters laura and carol anne..laura lost dorothy today and carol anne lost charlie yesterday.

our deepest thanks to both of you for continuing to provide excellent foster palliative care to our ongoing crippled crew. dorothy and charlie were both so lucky to have had the opportunity to happily live out their lives with you.


Carol Ann

Laura sorry about Dorothy and Zoe give Sugar a big kiss for me. My Lola just had surgery around her eyes so we are in cone hell.

Carol Ann



Cyber ((((hug))) to Laura & Carol Ann. Sorry for your loss , they were so fortunate to have had their very own home & people in their final days.

Swift journey Dorothy & Charlie.

Speedy recovery Sugar , sounds like you have Mom totally under control.. Good girl :-)


Carol, I think Cathy's idea of contacting CTV news's re Steele On Your Side is a great idea. Ripping off an animal shelter won't go over well with the viewers.


Carol Ann and Laura so sorry... RIP

sugar is doing very well.. i called 3 times over the day to check in and EVERY time i could hear her barking her head off in the background haha i didnt even have to worry when i asked how the surgery went because i could hear her well before i got to ask. her eye looks sore and she is pretty doped up but she is a very strong old dog with so much heart and the surgery didn't stop her from enjoying a bunch of bacon and a hour long belly rub tonight! my barking princess will be healing on her throne (sugar couch) and barking orders to us mere peasents to get her water, food, treats, steak, McDs, attention, and bathroom breaks! speaking of which i am up for her daily 3 am bathroom stop! back to bed until her 6am call haha i love this dog! i blame lucky for teaching her these demanding ways


So sorry for your losses Carol Ann & Laura, hugs to you both. Sweet dreams Dorothy & Charlie. Wishing a speedy recovery to Sugar, let us know how she is doing Zoe.


So sorry Laura & Carole Anne - I'm sure the love you gave Dorothy & Charlie made them so happy right to the end.


Perhaps you should approach Steele on Your Side concerning the company involved with the security camera contract.


aw that sucks laura and carol anne, but knowing both of you they could not have had better homes. my deepest sympathy rip dorothy and charlie.


My sweet Saints cat Dorothy passed away peacefully was an honor to have her as part of my family this past year. She was the little cat that could....I will miss her hurried cripple run down the hall when it was time to eat. Loved you dear Dorothy and will miss you......