Rescue Journal

it was definitely a typical saints day

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2012

odie bit caylee on the will bruise but he didn't break the skin (he is such a freaking dip stick...sorry caylee!), holly was returned (her anxiety level escalated with too big of a major change.) sheila our new shopping volunteer got tossed right into the middle of a chaotic saints day but like a true saints trooper, she got the canned cat and dog food for the week from costco which is a huge time saving help for me (thank you sheila!)

zsu-zsu had a bad day..her back end arthritis and sore mouth was really hurting her today (her dental surgery is booked for next wednsday)...i gave her pain meds at noon and she is much more comfortable now. caylee and i got amber's eye cleaned up and the hair around it looks MUCH better tonight too cuz i was finally able to really clean it up and get meds on the irritated areas minus her fur...the skin was flaming red but tonight it is just a bit pink. and we got a few of cliff's big matts shaved off (he no longer grooms and he gobbs up his fur because of his chronic mouth issues by drooling on himself) so i feel way better about him right now too (thank you caylee!)
i had dinner with laura, KO and her family (vern was cooking...mmmm thank you vern!) i was able to do this cuz laura and KO came back and put the barn guys to bed for me before i got off work (thank you guys!) but i feel bad now because while i was gone..esther had some kind of spell. i found her stuck on the computer room floor in a huge puddle of pee and poop. i helped her up to her feet and cleaned her up, then she was able to toddle around after that and have some food and a drink.

thank you to all of the weekend warriors... i know this weekend wasn't one of the easiest. i will try to put a list on each dog area room door so everyone knows which dogs go where and hopefully that will help keep the chaos down ( and odie in line a bit more.)

the star of the weekend was pinky..followed closely by jazzy...everyone fell head over heels in love with them! (odie was pretty much fan-less this is ok od-ster..i wasn't here and you weren't biting or pissing me off so i still like you today!)



Thank you so much for taking Jazzy in. It does my heart good to know she is doing to well with everyone there. I can't wait to see photos of her at SAINTS. :)


Zoe: I sent you an email - checking to see how you're doing. (I hope I have your correct email address?) Lynne and I were worried about you when you left in such pain on Sunday. Please let us know if you're ok. My email is, thanks

Ann C

Renee send me an e-mail and I'll take care of your tax receipt.


I am sorry things did not work out for Holly; she is a sweet girl.
Pinky and Jazzy are just adorable, it is amazing to see Pinky zoom around with only his front paws.