Rescue Journal

i am going to kill myself...

Carol  ·  Apr. 3, 2012

and i am taking phoebe down with me.

she knows there is cat food up on the shelf and she is not going to shut up until i give it to her.

really tho i am banging my head against the wall reading the emails that are getting forwarded on to exposure is a very sharp two edged sword...we hope for help to care for our animals and find them new homes but actually we suddenly become the hope of other human/animal problems.

i so totally get how many animals there are out there in really big trouble. but i am having a hard enough time doing right by everyone here. i don't have any magical answers..i don't have the magical never ending list of super great families just waiting for a new wrecked animal to come home....and i don't have the magical unwanted animal/never full kingdom either.

it sucks.

more sucky stuff...

percy did not have great day..he was more uncomfortable than usual. the vet came out again for the 8th (??) time in 2 weeks....maybe there is a loop of bowel again in his scrotum? so..the plan is to see how he does..does he get more painful? if he pretty much stays as he is with a bit of discomfort but not too bad and still eating and drinking well..then we will just hold on til we sedate him next week for his suture removal and ultrasound him at the same time. that way we will know for sure. and if there is?...i can't even think about that right now..i will worry about it when it is.

so you guys probably want to know all about the fabulous fives trip to 3 minutes of stardom.
it went ok...laura and dawn were here at 0530 to help load them all up. lea and sam were a bit of a heavy challenge but we did manage to hoist them into the van ok.
kobe fussed most of the way was pissing down rain and i had forgotten to get my windsheild wipers changed and i accidently pissed off a few irritable drivers along the way but nothing too least no one came at us with a tire iron.

we got there quite early so we all sat in the van until it was time to go in. bambi had a poop on the carpet right outside the front door..that was a little bit rude. mini-me took it a step further and peed in the holding room but thank god it was lino and not carpet. lea left quite a bit of her hair on the funky little black fabric waiting chairs..bambi slipped out of her collar two or three times at least and kobe had far too much to say about everything. oh and sam started farting while we were waiting but thank god he stopped before he went on the air. as soon as they were done being momentarily famous we loaded them back up in the van and headed home again.

all in all it was just a bit different (but not really all that different cuz they were still peeing and pooping and shedding and barking and farting...) was just another 4 and a half hours of a rescues day.

it just kind of sucked cuz laura and dawn and i had to get up so early on a day off.



On a side note to Sheila: The name you were asking me about is Lenore FRANK - sorry I forgot to write the last name on the pledge sheet. My email at work is not working, so thought I'd give you the info this way. Thanks


Carol, just saw your reply to Brent. Let me know if you decide to cover the eves and I will bring up the plywood


Brent, I may have a sheet of 1/2" plywood in my shed
I'll have look tomorrow morning.


Off Topic, Carol (and anyone else local) just wanted to let you know that Zellers has Friskies regular cans for 50 cents each


i am re-thinking covering the eves brent...i'll talk to you about it on friday at lunch....can you fix wills and charlottes door please and thank you..the latch broke know the metal bar thing part that breaks on all of the gates around here??

hah deb with the saints animals it would be the poopers ree1!


Carol, just to remind you. Bunny and I will be out there this Friday and again Sunday. I will cover up the hole in the vanity properly, I looked at it last Sunday and took measurements for a piece of white melamine. Also, if you get a chance to get some 1/2" plywood I can cover in the eaves on the "Taj Mahal" chicken coop. Thanks.