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Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2012

it is too bad saints is not a reality tv series...."the hicks head into the city" would have been a good episode.

one guy who was beeping his horn at me pulled up beside us..dawn rolled down her window and he said..."tell the driver her back up lights are on, they are white and it is really annoying."

in the country no one even knows we have back up lights on our farm vehicles..we don't know if they are on or off or what color they are...we are just happy the vehicles actually move.

it occurs to me that my very puffy down turquoise vest that matched my ratty 10 year old fraying sweater..might not actually have been normal city attire. and lets not even start on my long, flyaway, greying hair whose idea of styling involves three sweeps of a brush and a pair of reading glasses doubling as a hair band.

the highlite of the trip for dawn, laura and me... was successfully negotiating the rush to pee in the stations nice bathroom while handing off 5 leashes back and forth to each other...not one of us humans actually leaked. me was the only leaky one of us all...i was pretty damn happy about that.



awesome tv segment. hopefully you will get some really great interested people. i thought jelly was going to be there,but ko will be happy she was not. hey, i do my hair the same way but i use my sunglasses as a hairband. lol see you all on the weekend.


Reality t.v.
I bet you (and another busy rescue I can think of -like T.G.) would be a very popular show!
& People who participate in those shows surely make $$.
(Hope for wildlife is a favorite of mine)
What do you say...?!!
Worth contacting your friends in the film buz about...?


What a great show for Saints to be on. I am sure the advertising for 1000 Saints on the show will get some sponsors!! The car ride story to the city is too funny!!


To see the video go to hit the facebook link and you will see the link


The link directs me to bt video website but when I press play it doesn't work.

Bunny Horne

Laura, you did a great job and you have your Saints T-shirt on. The funniest thing was Bambi continuously showing us her bum, no matter how many times you turned her around she was faster than you. The stories are hysterical. Like there was any doubt.


Waaaa I can't access the link at work.. and it won't play on my phone. Why Me ? Lol



I saw the video on breakfast tv! Click on the video link for those who missed it.I don't know how to copy the link.


Too funny!! I spent 18 years working and commuting into Vancouver, and over 40 years living in the "burbs" and am SO happy to be away from it and living in the countryside. Country living rocks!! Carol, your blogs about the trip into Vancouver have kept me laughing for the last couple of days - well done guys!!!


Hey did someone tape it....I was so focused on keeping Bambi from slipping her collar and then Mini me running around owning the studio like a diva, praying Sams farts did not turn into anything solid...(good boy for holding it till we left the studio) I never heard a single thing they said. Ko told me she saw us on tv too. They told us it would be only the dogs. Carol and Dawn I think we should have got some make-up and hair prep work like Mary-Jo was getting when we arrived....