Rescue Journal

it has been virtually silent here...

Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2012

since 1100 last night when i blew my top and told them all to lay down right now and shut the hell up.
geez there are days..or nights... when the combo of all of them together, drives me pretty close to the edge.

i can handle stupid dogs and i can handle the occasional not so stupid dogs acting stupid once in a while but when the whole entire house erupts into one giant conglomeration of stupid i put the fear of god into the mob of stupid so they all shut the hell up and go to bed.

and how do i do this?..i rush into their areas in high speed, yelliing at them to shut up and lay down and slamming the door behind me as i leave. it takes about 30 seconds for every single dog here to suddenly be completely silent and pretend to be sleeping.

and do you know what this this tells me? it tells me that each and every one is capable of not being stupid...tina, hilda,mini-me and papa john do not have to throw a freaking screaming fit every time fergus moves....griffin does not have to pitch a fit anytime anyone moves, jelly does not have to toss her food out of her bowl so it slides under my bedroom door and then toss a k'niption fit cuz someone on the bedroom side can be heard chowing down on her crunchies. manny and jedi do not have to lay in their beds yelling cuz everyone else is yelling for some reason..odie does not have to start a shitszu howling session cuz huskies like company when howling for no reason and shane does not have to rag on june every night til he thinks it is bedtime and jesse and andy do not need to bark at every spooky shadow they see.

usually it is a little bit of this stupid and a little bit of that stupid spread out over the night but last night it was all of the stupids doing stupid at the very same time.

anyway, the silence around here last night and this morning is golden..i think getting mad at all of them collectively worked pretty damn good.
for the sake of some peace and quiet....i might just become an intolerant of stupid, mad (wo)man.



barbara for the sake of the neighbors we arent supposed to come before 9am, the dogs get too excited. i dont know if carol emailed you or not, but lynne and i will be there at 9 too, see ya then!


Would I be able to get the door code for the house? I will most likely be the first there tomorrow and Saturday.
If yes please email me at
Thank you


It would be a lot more interesting than the vacuous participants on TV now. Talk about the decline of civilization!

Bunny Horne

Brent suggests that your Reality show title would be "The Real HouseHAGs of Mission". We will bring some fruits out with us in the morning for the barn guys.