Rescue Journal

the cats are covered..thx deb!

Carol  ·  Apr. 8, 2012

and thx to everyone else offerring too! we really are a great bunch of people here!

oh and happy easter everyone.

i found a new secret weapon. i was trying to get pinky up and out of my bed before he let loose and peed. yesterday morning i held him on my hip and he couldn't help it, he peed on me. so this morning i grabbed him and held him out in front of me. he still could not hold it for one second longer so as we are running for the door, his pee is shooting out in front like he was a long warm and fuzzy daxi squirt gun.
i am pretty sure we accidently got jelly and benny in the big rush.

now i am thinking if we can learn to harnass his unique power ..maybe by gently squeezing him at certain particular moments (like when someone puts hay on my grass!)...he could be like a squirting pee gun to control unruly grass killing folks!

eh-hem dear barn folks...that hay is still sitting there in three very big grass killing spots...don't make me bring pinky out on my lunch break!

(finally..i really do (sort of) now have a gun.)



Get clicking everyone. Shelter Challenge starts again this morning Monday April 9.

Bunny Horne

FYI today Brent installed a cover under your bathroom vanity so that no kitties can get trapped in the future.

another Doreen

What about putting a litter box or pee pad beside the bed and just pop him into it when you both wake up? Not as exciting as the dash and splash, but less likely to wake everyone up with adrenilin.


You could carry him in one of those strap in front of you baby carriers, face him outward with a hole cut in the appropriate place and BINGO you're ready for a quick shot.


I believe you need to register and be licensed for that kind of weapon, Carol. Also, you'll need a holster. Safety first!


Morning Carol, thanks for letting me know. Happy Easter. To everyone !!!