Rescue Journal

once upon a time...

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2012

a wee innocent babe came to saints.

he shouldn't technically have come here, he really did not meet our mandate...he wasn't old or sick or disabled or messed up in his head..he was just a sweet little babe lost in a world that had no place for him.

so we made a place for him inside our hearts and inside our gates and we kept him safe and nutured him. he grew to be a giant among us and his gentle heart loved us and he lived a life that taught us that all creatures great and small value the lives that god gave us.

i don't have much hope for tomorrow, tonight he is unsettled and bothered by pain. i see that swelling getting bigger and i feel afraid.

i cannot imagine our life here without him, he is one of the most famous of us all. he has shaped our minds and hearts to enable us to consider the plight of many others. each and every single day for the past five years...more than 2000 days altogether, he has moved us to laughter and sometimes tears just by being true to himself.

he began as the lost child of saints and he grew to be our mighty and gentle prince, it is right that he came here.

i don't know what will happen tomorrow when the vets come..i hope against hope for one more miracle. the first miracle came on the day he came to saints and now we need one more miracle to keep him here.

we love you percy, prince of saints.



cheryl and stef

Lots of prayers and positive thoughts heading to Saints today. Percy keep Strong

Sharon Creelman

I am so sad to hear of Percy. I cannot contain the tears. From the moment I received my first lick upside my neck and head nudge from Percy, it was love. He followed me as I walked about visiting the animals wanting affection and all of my attention.I will be praying hard for Percy tonight & for those who love him so much. Please give him an extra love from me and if by chance our prayers are answered,Id love to sneak out to have another quick visit with this special guy who touched each heart of those blessed enough to have met him.Thoughts are with you all tonight. Love & prayers


Carol my prayers are with you and Percy tonight. I will pray for a miracle, We love you Percy.