Rescue Journal

the guys are being a bit of a worry...

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2012

percy of course we all know about...has he herniated again or not?

pete has lost a ton of weight in the past few weeks..last night i shut him in the main barn in a spot by himelf so i know for sure chewy is not stealing his food. gilbert has lost quite a bit of weight lately too...not that this is a bad thing depending on why he has suddenly dropped the weight. czar is not acting quite right, we think his sheath is bothering him again and charlotte has a large mass over her kidney that we can;t figure out where it came from overnight.

luckily the farm vets are coming tomorrow so they can look at everyone and see what is up.

al needs to go back in for a bandage readjustment, oliver's blood sugars are still up too high despite the increase in insulin. amber's eye is finally on the right road to better and zsu zsu seems to be recovering well from here dental surgery.

a heads up to everyone...dogs are never to be left unattended in the memorial garden alone. apparently sam and lea were left out for awhile to enjoy the sun...instead they decided to try to eat thru the fence to get out. the memorial garden can be used by the dogs but only if a human stays with them.

thx for the reminder helga and bob that the petfinder challenge starts again today!



no you didn't spread it by petting is pathogen pretty specific to rabbits.


carol bear is fine, once he had his first anti inflamm pill he was back to normal, that was thursday, hes still on the drugs and is SUPPOSED to be on bed rest (uh huh)til this thurs. poor baby. hes pissed off we arent going for our nightly walks tho. also lynnes mad at me cause i wouldnt take my other dogs for a walk with her last weekend. but im tellin ya, bear would be FURIOUS. anyways. about the bunnies, other than bob, they treat me about the same as june does, im fine as long as im waaay over there. so its an eye infection that spread by one of us? could it have come from a cat? shit i pet cliffy all the damn time when im in there, am i transfering germs?


hi erin...i forgot to ask you how bear is doing?
re: tu's eyes...her eyes are being cleaned and treated with antibiotic cream daily, it is unfortunate that the original infection spread from spiffy to amber to is why i previously posted about good handwashing inbetween handling animals to decrease the incidence of spreading infection.anyway..hopefully they won't get any worse and it won't spread any further and tu's and amber's eyes will clean up completely soon.

thx so much rae!!!! hugely appreciated, flea season is a financial killer around here!


Hi Erin - Tu's eyes have been like that for a while. They seem to be "weepy" but not infected. I've been watching to make sure they don't get worse, but she's lost a lot of fur around her eyes. I've never seen her scratching them.


Carol, just wanted to let you know that I mailed a parcel today from Salmon Arm should be there tomorrow or the next day as I sent it Express. It's filled with Revolution and Advantagemulti. Should last a little bit as I think I sent 12 full boxes, hope it helps! Take Care, Rae


i noticed that tu also has fur missing and bright red skin near her eyes like amber, but no open gaping wound. is it from scratching?

Willie Croissant

Regarding the Shelter Challenge - I don't know if I'm reading it correctly, but it looks to me like Saints can not win twice in a row in 2012 (or more than two times during the year). Please scroll down on the 'Vote for a Shelter' page and read the information 'Under the rules of 2012 Shelter+ Challenge' So, maybe vote for another great shelter this round?

Willie C.


I was the human who put Sam and Lea in the memorial garden to get some fresh air and sun and checked on them every half hour. They didn't try and get out yesterday...the damage was done the weekend prior.
I will stay with them in the future.


so many guys to worry about. I only have one little guy
who has lived much longer than he was supposed to have,
I don't know how you keep track of everyone.
If it works out for later in the day to come out this
week, good, otherwise I will bring more food Wednesday,
so you don't run out. And bring the apples this time!