Rescue Journal

pinky is a maniac....

Carol  ·  Apr. 14, 2012

he just bit me hard on the inside of my arm...ouch.

he didn't mean to...SOMEONE gave him a soft green rubber kermit the frog head ball. and oh my goodness, he loves that ball. he loves that ball so much, he can't leave it alone and he has to keep chomping on it even if it has rolled underneath my poor resting arm. he loves that ball so much that when it rolled under my neck, he just about tore my face off in his absolute frenzy to get it back.

so if you guys see me tomorrow and i am all bruised and scratched to can blame JENN cuz she found that ball out in the shop and gave it to him.

AND....SOMEONE also gave all the dogs a rip the shit out of stuffies party on my bed. looks like everyone had fun late this afternoon while i was at work...sound familiar camera-less jenn?

(her camera is broken so since she can't take pictures of all of the appears she decided to amuse herself by playing with them all long is it til your camera gets fixed????)



Carol - just to let you know that all the rabbits had a toe-nail trim today. And just a thought - do you think Billy & Ray would accept Tu? They have the double rabbit run now, and with Spiffy gone, they may welcome her? (Then we could move Leia into the bigger run where Tu was?)


Hey Carol, sorry I couldn't stick around today to do the rabbits eyes with you when you got home. I can come out after work one day this week if you want. I would probably get there around 6:15 ish. Let me know.


Haha reading about the green frog reminds me of our dog! Whenever we come home...shes GOT to find one of her toys and bring it over to everyone! She does that too when her other favorite people come over too :)


Okay, I was just concerned because I caught this from Brian who caught it from his brother and his whole family is sick now so it is pretty contagious and it's not fun :( I hate being responsible for getting others sick

And thank you for the compliment though I'm not sure how good I ever look at saints haha ;)


Zoe, I just read the blog this morning - If you're not feeling up to coming in - please don't, but I'm not too worried about catching anything from you - except maybe your youthful energy and good looks!!


Check the date and time setting on your computer Zoe under control panels


Why does it say 5:45? It is 6:45? Was there some day light savings I didn't know about?


I do not mind coming in I just want to warn everyone so no one can blame me if they get sick! So speak now or don't say I didn't warn ya!


I thought I had caught Brian's cold this week, wasn't too bad and was over it until I woke up this morning with razor blades in my throat and feeling like someone is having a campfire up my nose. I totally don't mind sucking it up and working sick but not sure if you guys would rather me keep my germs at home? I'd hate to spread this nasty thing.. What do you think?


I also bathed five dogs! haha pinky is so cute with his ball. He even took it with him to food bowl. He wanted a snack but could not bear to be without his green friend so he put his green friend in the food bowl and it went like this: munch on two kibble, give green ball two hard bites, munch on two kibble, give green ball two hard bite ... etc. Anyways at least one month before I get my camera back and that is if they can fix it. I wonder what I'll do next weekend ...