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Carol  ·  Apr. 17, 2012

i am going to a retirement seminar after work today...i think dreaming about retiring early at 55 from nursing is probably a fantasy esp. cuz my ex gets half of my pension...BUT i might as well get some education on this so i can realistically plan for retirement at some point....maybe at 60?

cuz here is the thing....i love nursing...just like i love rescue....i could happily do both for the rest of my life. but quite frankly i am so frustrated with all of the peripheral bullshit surrounding both that i am getting burnt out.

constant advocasy and protecting the rights of both patients and homeless animals is exhausting. and each year it seems more and more futile....we have a run away train on the tracks of corporate minded convenience, that is not only driven by the almighty dollar but is conducted by some pretty slick double talk to assure the vulnerable that someone in power actually cares. rescue is not as bad as nursing yet cuz rescue can't afford to pay the big dollars for corporate minded think tanks whose bright ideas, wastefully use up health care dollars.

and rescue has it's own little people thinking they have some kind of right to somehow benefit from the plight of sick and old animals. i get tired of protecting saints from people that see an opportunity to personally benefit here..we are supposed to be benefitting the animals.

anyway..i see the day coming when i toss in the towel. maybe this is the way of the world now but i don't have to stay in this new age society game of saying one thing while doing another.

i think this is where hermits come from.

i am thinking of one day retiring and becoming a hermit so i don't care so much anymore...hopefully tonight i will get some tools to help me get there.



I reitred from nursing in 2008. I just couldn't take any more bullshit.Luckily for me x hubby gets nothing from me nor do I get anything from him. I am now involved in the Yarmouth SPCA and after many trials and tribulations, firing and upheavels things are going along quite smoothly. Oh ya that was yesterday so in the land of rescue who knows what twist and turn today will take. I guess we just have to learn to roll with the punches.