Rescue Journal

SAINTS Lawyers have received FULL REPAYMENT from ADT's Authorized Dealer ADMIRAL SECURITY and are holding the funds in "trust" for us.

Carol  ·  Apr. 19, 2012

our lawyers will release the funds to us (less their legal fees of just over $400.00) within a couple of days.
as agreed... i have sent emails of resolution notification to the Abbotsford Today (thank you again for covering this story), The Better Business Bureau (thank you for handling this claim) and to CTV's Lynda Steel (thank you so much for taking on this complicated story!) and i am now notifying all of our supporters and blog readers thru this post today (thank you guys so much for rushing to help us..all of your emails and phone calls saved the day!)

SAINTS is satisfied with the full refund and this matter is now resolved.



Just stopped by to get an update on your adt problem. Good for you!

They sure did not seem to care about phone calls or emails! Good for you for being so determined to make it right.
Like you need the extra bolony right?
I know you thru Janice.

thank you and yours for all you do. When you are out there tromping in the cold and hot and feel unappreciated, believe me I relate and DO appreciate you! Debilyn in Oregon


Erin...I now have a new job on Saturday morning...chief dog walker! And as a side bar keeping you and Lynn in order.
I will be up there at the usual time but will take turns taking the guys out.


Finally - great news to hear Carol!
On a side note to the Sunday house volunteers: Jenn already knows this, but after this Sunday, I will be away in Ontario for 4 weekends (because I leave and return on a Sunday), so just wanted to let you all know ahead of time so possibly someone can fill in? I know Caylee is leaving (ie moving to Revelstoke) in a month or so too (very sad for us,) so Sunday is getting tight again. Ann started being SAINTS bookkeeper and has left the Sunday crew, and Lynne switched to Saturdays awhile ago. Hmmmmm.... Geez, I'm starting to think it's me they're all trying to avoid. Maybe you'll all come back if I leave???


Wonderful news! Too bad that it has to take a lot of public pressure to make a company to do the right thing - but it's a satisfactory ending. Now to get those cameras up without "help" from ADT/Admiral....


A cheque for $75.00 is on its way to help with legal fees - would do paypal, but would rather that you had all I can send. If everybody sends a little bit, that should do it, and if the lawyers are kind, then the little bits are Bonus!!


maggie! wtf! jennys weekend schedule doesnt include you! so your not coming up at all? you dont hafta do laundry yknow....all sorts of other stuff you could do thats not heavy, like you could ref me n lynnes arguements, for one (if you side with me that is, otherwise, never mind) no but seriously....your not coming back?

Bunny Horne

I'm bringing a cash donation on Sunday from Barking Babies in Yaletown. Perhaps that will help a bit with the legal fees.


i am making an extra donation to help with legal fees...too bad about those!


Happy dance!!!

You have done what you thought at one point was impossible. I am very proud of you for not backing off!


Congratulations and well done!

All that remains is for a certain law firm to make a generous donations to the animals ...