Rescue Journal

oooohhhh..the sun is shining..that is nice for the grass, but not so great for my eyes...

Carol  ·  Apr. 21, 2012

last night i had some kind of weird and sudden allergy attack in my also happened a couple of months ago when i was at work. anyway..i am only saying cuz they still ain't that great this morning and i don't want folks here to get all sappy and sad and silently wonder why i have been crying....apparently my eyes have a mind of their own....i bet they have decided to be allergic to animals.

i have a big to-do list this weekend which i already know i won't get involves some personal things like deep cleaning my bathroom, bedroom and car....then for saints...a vet run this morning...going to see dixie, putting the barn guys to bed, ...jumping on the flea thing and getting a lid on that before it gets bad with either revolution or advantage (which ever i get my hands on first) doing the meds and insulins, bathing manny and lucky, cleaning out that hog fuel from the chicken area, making an appearence at the dog in the park event in burnaby....hmmm...oh and getting a group thank you picture from all of us to send to lynda steel!
i will work out the chronological order of it all as i go along getting it done.

wow..why am i even thinking of retiring from nursing? paid job is easier most days than it is around here AND i get paid for it!

it occurs to me now what my retirement motto will smarter, work harder cuz you are working all day now for free...shit..maybe i won't retire from is nice that someone actually pays me for working....maybe i should be thinking of dumping the free rescue job thing? yeah day when i feel really brave, i will tell the animals that.
ok..enough goofing around....time to make my poor little squinty sore eyes face the bright sunlight...ouch.

where the heck are my sun glasses....MYSTIC?!


Bunny Horne

Thanks Maggie and Carrie, this is the third year for this annual event and they get a huge crowd. I did it the first year and made some respectable coin and got rid of some treasures I didn't need. Carrie you can email me directly at

Most of the spots are tarps on the ground. There are only 8 concrete picnic tables so I am very grateful that the organizer allowed me to buy first and that we were able to secure a table.

Carol, the $$$ for the table came out of my weenie rug hooking for Saints stash. So no worries there.

MO, if you have any of the sunglasses left I can probably flog them at this event.


Hi Bunny; I have some items for your sale, including a few better pieces (vintage). We are in Vancouver so pick up/drop off is not a problem.

I will ask Sheila K. to give you my email address so we can connect.

Bunny Horne

MO we picked up some pears, strawberries and bananas for the barn dude's breakfast. See you in the morning.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I just bought a small picnic table space at the WestEnd Vancouver Community Yard Sale. The spots are tiny, but the attendance is huge. The sale is in July. Brent and I will gather good saleable items that we can flog in an effort to raise some funds for SAINTS Rescue. The organizer was kind enough to let me reserve a table before they became available to the general public.


Is that all....?! Your day off is not very relaxing but it's good to be busy.....right?

shelagh f

regarding the extension cord, please use only a power
bar with power surge protection. Especially if it is
somewhere like at you feet that could get knocked or
adjusted by an animal. We had a fire last year and it
was because of an extension cord. I can bring one out
when I bring the food on Wednesday if you don't have
one for that. I kind of went crazy and bought a several
and am not using any except for my computer.


Moring All - Looks like the Saturday crew is going to be short today Kim is not well and I am only partly working : ) I am coming in at 10:30-11:00 today to do what I can (no lifing or bending over)I can wash bowls and help with laundry.