Rescue Journal

too much about nothing...

Carol  ·  Apr. 24, 2012

i like to eat out...and i almost always run thru the drive ins for is the most important meal of the day (so the tv commercials say...) and i most often don't eat lunch so i don't like to share the one meal that needs to last me til dinner.
esp. when dinner tonight consisted of 6 peak frean cookies that i shared with a bunch of very cookie hungry dogs.

one day i am going to have a full functioning kitchen again...and maybe once in awhle i will actually cook. day.

tomorrow is my day..i am cleaning my gawd damn bathroom and my bedroom for sure..maybe if it stops raining for a couple of hours, i might even get around to cleaning my car. my new rotation quite frankly sucks..this week i work 2 on and 2 off and then 3 on and 2 off and then 5 on... i would rather glump all of the working days together and then have a decent stretch off.

why can't i rule the whole freaking world??? it would work so much better for me if i could.

everyone seems to be feeling ok tonight..not one turned down the peak frean cookies. if you want to know how the dogs are all feeling all you need to do is the pretty damn good cookie test.

for those that are looks like the CTV's Steele on Your Side segment covering our trials and tribulations with security cameras will be airing next tuesday, may 1st on ctv's news. i will probably forget to mention it again so i wanted to let you all know before i forget.

the sad reality is...menopause wreaks havoc with a once decently functioning feel free to remind me to watch us next tuesday..i am so hoping ellie and pinky make it into the final cut..they were both so freaking cute in front of the camera.