Rescue Journal

not bad...

Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2012

for just 2 days off..i got a fair bit bedroom, my bathroom, my laundry (no i did not get to my car..)..i tidied part of the shop, cleaned the shop bathroom (gross!)...did a feed run, did a triple animal vet run..hit walmart (OMfreakingG cuz i really hate walmart!!!!) so i could shove my newly bleached and washed pillows into a rubber protective (from leaky bladders) sack..i also hit canadian tire to pick up specific cleaning supplies for the RBC volunteers this weekend (they are scrubbing fences and washing windows..yay!) and i even managed to get out to see dixie...BIG AND BEST YAY!

anyway..i did a lot of running around but i also got a lot of the stuff that was bugging me around here done so i am happy with that!

i tweaked the bedroom furniture arrangement so the dogs are a bit happier and i tortured mysef just a little tiny bit by stopping into the Brick and touching and feeling and dreaming about all of the nice stuff i could have if i didn't live here.

i have put thru 2 loads of laundry in the shop and two more in the house..that just leaves one basket left in each area to carry over to tomorrow cuz for the rest of the night now (after i do meds and diabetics) i just want to relax.

it is nice that at the very end of my days off..the skies have turned blue and the sun is out cuz now that i am done almost everything i can actually enjoy it..i think i will take lea and sam for an extra walk.