Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2012

the dogs were pretty damn cranky when i came home for lunch today..i wasn't even here for an hour and in that time..odie and new bud had a scrap, odie went after little bambi, jazzy went at 'er with angel and then decided to take on britney.

tonight when i got home, i did up the meds and feedings early. everyone has been out for a pee and now everyone is settling...hope it continues cuz i am not in the mood for a bunch of pissy prima donna's..i told pinky he better be good cuz i could easily make him live in a coffee can with holes poked in the lid (if i had one..but he doesn't know that i don't)...anyway..he thought that sounded pretty darn scary!

the vets came again today for the second time to try to sedate percy and take out his stitches and drain that abcess. it was a no go..he is too dangerous with the vets now. he sees them and freaks out. anyway..i talked to the vet and we decided to just to leave both alone..that abcess will eventually pop and drain on its own and even if we can't get those sutures out.they will eventually either grow over or they will get superficially infected and pop out.

percy has had enough of medical care, he is suffering emotionally from over vetting now. i have seen it happen to cats and dogs who due to whatever illness or injuries have taken more than they can emotionally cope with..and it appears that percy has had more than enough for him to cope with. i told him tonight that it was ok..he was done more poking and prodding, he is finished...i hope he believes me. dinner is ready..i am cooking a frozen pizza in the toaster oven...YAY!