Rescue Journal

i am pretty sad today...

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2012

it was caylee's last day at saints, she is moving far away. i have worked with her since she was just 14 years old when she volunteered at katies place. she went on to be a vet tech and works at one of our vets. she and her family adopted skye....(that nutbar screaming malamonster parvo puppy we had a few years back) and she has been helping us out here at saints too.
that is more than a decade of watching her grow into an incredibly kind, compassionate and generous human being. i told her today i don't want her to go...she should stay here with her new best friend pinky!

anyway..time does move on and kids do grow up to have adult lives of their own..i am glad i got the chance to be part of her life and i wish her the very best of everything possible in her new home...i just wish it was still somewhere around here.
make sure you come and visit us caylee..pinky and i will be waiting!



Bye Caylee and have a great time in Revelstoke. It was great meeting another malamute lover.


it was nice getting to know you. maybe we will see you back again for a visit. take care of yourself.


Wishing you all the best Caylee and hope it isnt to long before you visit . :-)


Yes, what a huge will be missed by both people and all the animals...good luck in your new chapter in life


Thank you all, especially you, Carol. You gave me some wonderful opportunities and some very good times. I will miss you and all the SAINTS. I will come by and visit for sure. :)

Ann C

We will all miss you Caylee, much happiness to you in your new home, come back and visit soon.


bye caylee, good luck in revelstoke!(if i remember correctly) nice to meet you!