Rescue Journal

jenn called this morning..

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2012

to tell me the house volunteers may be short today and to let you guys know on the blog..zoe has let her know that she may not be able to come in. anyway..i will be home for lunch and can clean one of the areas so don't anyone here kill themselves just let me know what still needs to be done and i can quickly whip thru somewhere while i am here.

it was a quiet night last night..i was asleep by just after 10 and didn't wake up til my alarm went at 6...nice!

i will get esther up for a pee, give her meds, and change her dressing before i leave so she should be good for the morning. odie wll be in the kitchen when you guys get here..please take him right away and put him out in the back yard before he gets himself all wound up..i still haven't figured out where to permanently put him but i am working on it. all of the little and frail guys will be stashed away where he can't hurt them.
odie, you are such a pain in the ass.

ok..i gotta get moving, see everyone on my lunch break.