Rescue Journal

today at saints

Carol  ·  Apr. 30, 2012

fergus has diarrhea again..lucky's is getting a bit better. esther is able to get up and walk on her own today, wilbur is looking like his pain is better controlled and charlotte's abcess is finally draining.

it is pissing down rain and we have group of 20ish high school students/teachers coming thru for a tour...not sure if they will cancel or not and i slept in til 7 am. the staff are all starting early to get ready for the tour which may or may not happen due to the rain.

a group of RBC employees came and volunteered they did such a great job in cleaning up the fences, windows and cement walks. itis amazing what a difference that makes...thank you so much RBC folks for all of your hard work!

that is a nutshell glimpse of saints so far today....and i better get my butt moving..rain or no rain...tour or no tour, i have things to do today.



Carol, I have to run back out to school so I'll pick up Brit around 3 if that's ok