Rescue Journal

Great Breaking News: Accurate Security to install and supply cameras/equipment to SAINTS rescue at no charge!

Carol  ·  May 2, 2012

Also, CTV's Lynda Stelle will be doing a follow-up story as well on Accurate Security installing the cameras.

Thanks again to everyone for their support on this!


Bunny Horne

What WONDERFUL people. We have to make sure that they are highly recommended. What fabulous news.

Ann is Tony deMontigny's email...i got a lovely reply from him too :)


what a great birthday present for carol. i also sent an email to thank them. great news.


I sent Accurate a thank you Email. For anybody else who wants to do that, their Email is:

Marla in SD

This is SO AWESOME!!!! If we were closer to you and looking for security systems, you can bet that Accurate would be first on the list to ask for proposals. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Doreen from Maple Ridge

I will definitely remember Accurate for this and always recommend them also. When you do good, good comes back to you.


Accurate is awesome!!!
We will definitely recommend them to anyone in the future and when we are ready to buy our system, we know who will will trust.
Thank goodness there are honest & true companies out there. They deserve good karma for sure.


How fantastic that Accurate Security is making this offer to Saints. Now that's a company with heart!!


Wow!! Thank you accurate security!!! What a wonderful thing to do. Restores ones faith in mankind.