Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 3, 2012

today mostly went well...the vet assistent students really enjoyed their tour..the optyk tv filming went well and the folks from there really liked it here..i will post the link when it airs somewhere around the third week in may.

buddy-boy was a total dickhead and jumped ed and ed was a total dickhead right back point in getting mad at either of them, both are a few bricks short of a full load and it was my fault they had the chance to collide.

life would be so much easier without pain in the ass, messed up dogs.

i really want to thank the staff who have for two days so far this week had their days totally disrupted..they have come in early and really kicked butt to get everything done before 10. one more day (three times pays all???) of it tomorrow...i am doing a potential donor tour at 1015 and then i bet they all crash and burn but i am grateful to all of them for their extra hard work this week.

the place was a disaster by the time i got home from work tonight, but it is all cleaned up and ready to go for them to trash it again before morning.
afternoon shifts pretty much suck when you live with a bunch of incontinent animals.