Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 3, 2012

tony from accurate security and his lovely wife and rescued dog came out last night and had a look at what we need. they are going to double the numbers of cameras..four for the barn so we have good views into all of the horse stalls and four for outside of the shelter so we have good coverage to protect the staff, volunteers and animals from unwelcome intruders. tony has already gotten his suppliers on boad to donate the needed equipment to help us and meet the animals needs. we are all very grateful to tony, his company and his suppliers for their kindness and generosity.

there are several other security services who have contacted us offerring to help us and as soon as i find my note with everyone written down, i will list them on here because these companies have big hearts too.

busy day today..this morning is douglas college vet assistent students tour AND optik tv is coming out to film us for a story...ooops, i double booked again! and i have to be out of here by noon if i am going to get to work on time too.

holly really is not doing well...her diarrhea is back again, this time with fresh blood. we are taking her off of the metacam and switching her to tramadol which is easier on her gut and starting her back on flagyl..looks like her bowel is chronically inflamed.

janice managed to sit with ellie for an hour yesterday and trim up her feet. ellie really is an amazing pig....each year she is growing in wisdom and patience and understanding regarding the humans around her. she truly has grown past being a princess and is moving into petunia's vacated role as saints queen. ellie has been treated with kindness, respect and concern for not only her physical self but also for the unique individual residing inside her massive body...and results of that care are showing. ellie feels she is one of us, that she has rights... and responsibilities to care for us with kindness, patience and understanding. it is a magical relationship that we are lucky enough to share with a pretty amazing pig.
i have lived with her for 5 years now and each day i am awed by her.

ah well..i better get moving, enough thinking about our lovely pink pig...i do have other things to think about today.


Bunny Horne

Hey Y'all, I've started working on some small rug hooking projects featuring some much loved SAINTS. I've just finished Miss Ellie Mae. I am hooking them from photos taken by Jenn et al. These projects are for the silent auction at the Sept GALA. Let me know the names of any of favorite cats / dogs and barn guys that might make projects people would want to bid on.
Thanks for your help.

Bunny Horne

Carol, disregard my emails to you this morning regarding security systems. I hadn't checked the blog before I emailed you to get the exciting news about the donation.

MORE GOOD NEWS - WE'VE BEEN ACCEPTED to participate in the Denman Street Car Free Day in Vancouver. This will be our second year. You don't have to do a thing, Brent and I will set up and man the booth. Hopefully the weather is better than last. This is the weekend prior to the SAINTS OPEN HOUSE.


I am enjoying the energy and good feelings surround the "event of the security cameras."
How good it is that so many people responded; how great it is that people in that business came forward to help the animals.
How nice it is that SAINTS gained some more friends and how important it is that the world feels like a better place than it did just a day or two ago.

Small things, maybe, but nice to experience.