Rescue Journal

the devil dogs

Carol  ·  May 5, 2012

i have been sticking to my guns and turning away quite a few animals these past several weeks. for me, for saints, for the animals here...this is a very good thing.

but for some of the animals we are turning is also might be a terribly sad and very unfair thing.

i sometimes look at jesse, ed, puff daddy, odie, jerry, griffin and new bud and think...if you guys weren't here causing so much chaos and disruption, we could actually help quite a few more dogs.
oh day sooner or later (sooner for jess, new bud, and ed cuz they are old and later for puff and odie cuz they are younger) day these trouble makers won't be here..and not only will we be sad and miss them but other pain in the asses will have taken their places to make things just as difficult around here anyway.

i have not forgotten the previous much loved monsters of the past....michael, the kitchen troll..jesse the wanna-be killer wolf dog, clyde the crazy maniacal serial slasher, bailey, the i will kill your sheep and goats dog..angel who did kill our beloved messed up murphy the quite a few others like the two crazy cattle dogs and the banished others like screaming reggie who had to live in the office cuz they were royal pain in the asses.

there really is no point in hurrying the dick heads out of here cuz someone for sure will just take their place and i think it is true..the devil you know is better then the devil you don't know so at least you are somewhat prepared.

so here's to the devil dogs..the ones who cause more migraine headaches then the other hundreds of the nicer and easier guys combined.

gawd..what i wouldn't give for one more day with michael or clyde or jesse or kodie..i really do miss you all...not so sure i will miss our current guys as much when their time comes, but maybe...who knows..altho puff is a bit of a long stretch.