Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 8, 2012

i had to go back thru the blog to find when she came in...July 11 2008. i wrote she was an incontinent orphan whose elderly owner had passed away leaving her alone in the world. lady was only here a couple of months before laura adopted her and took her home. she was the very first of laura's saints animals lucky enough to find a great home.
what i remember best about lady is...she was the fastest face licker in her little tongue could move in high speed. she was a very sweet and gentle dog.
over the years since laura adopted her, i got to see her once in a while when she came up to run in the upper field with laura's other dogs.
lady was a lady, thru and thru...she trotted around the fence lines, always keeping laura in view.

so a sad little elderly dog lost her best human friend and i am sure she thought, her life would never be as good again. but laura felt her wiggle inside her heart and decided to give lady brand new start.
lady was a lucky dog, she was loved at the beginning and middle of her life and she found love and a family again near the end.

thank you laura for giving a lost and sad little lady a wonderful life and home again!

i know you rest in peace lady..big hugs to laura who has lost her very good friend.



Laura - I am so very sorry; itvery sad to loose a beloved and valued family member.

Ian and Mary

It's too bad Bob's daughter didn't join him on his "journey" instead of Maggie.....what a load of #$#$.....RIP Maggie

Bunny Horne

I had a fantasy in my own head, that poor Maggie would jump for joy when Bob finally passed on. He would no longer scream at her because she took too long to poop or pee. I pictured her with someone equally vibrant and she would live out the rest of her days being a joyfully happy dog. Brent and I talked about her on Saturday and in the snap of a finger she's gone. What pisses me off is they DIDN'T EVEN make any effort to friggin find a home for her. RIP sweet Maggie. I'm sorry.


i can tell you exactly how that played out lynne...i have heard people create their very own bullshit fairy tale endings too many times to count.

the reality is..dogs like maggie are not only a "thing" but when they suddenly become inconvenient, they become an inconvenient thing.

no one in their right mind is going to say....we didn't need maggie anymore and we didn't want to deal with her so we killed her.

instead they construct this warm and fuzzy fantasy...maggie loved bob so very much, she was heartboken without him so we helped her to pass with him and now dear maggie will always be beside bob's loving side forever.
how sweet for bob and his family...totally sucks for poor maggie.


wow your so right bunny what a waste of a life sure makes you wonder. was his daughter nuts or what. i cannot imagine putting down a dog of that age with an old man. was not like she was 20 and loved him dearly. then i could see it just sounds like the daughter wanted to get rid of the dog or she was dillusional. stupid people.

Bunny Horne

I am feeling rather grumpy with the world today - Jimmy was on my mind a lot today. An elderly gentleman (80+) in my building passed away on Sunday night. His name was Bob and he had a tiny little fluffy-cross dog named Maggie. Maggie was all but 6 years old. Maggie would have been given to Bob as a companion by his daughter. I always felt sorry for Maggie as she was youthful and vibrant and never really got to be a real dog. She was instead the constant companion to a gentleman who could barely move an inch. In 5 years I never saw her run or jump or play. She moved inch by inch on their walks so she could pee and poop. She always had the look in her eyes "save me". Bob was a hostile gentleman and sadly not one that would let anyone take his wee doggie for a walk. When I picked up my mail today I saw a notice... "Bob...passed away peacefully on Sunday night. His daughter was by his side. Maggie has joined Bob in his journey." ARE YOU KIDDING ME, a perfectly adorable, sweet, young viable dog who was perfectly adoptable, who never should have been placed with a man of Bob's years and state of health was put down. What a waste of a life.


as i said before, if you can wiggle your way into lauras heart you have it made. rip little girl you had a very happy ending.