Rescue Journal post last night

Carol  ·  May 10, 2012

i think i was sleeping..i did up the diabetics around 730...and apparently that was it for me for the night. i popped in avatar to watch with the bed buddies..and poof...zzzzz.. it is the blue background in that puts me right to sleep. i have watched parts of that movie 10 times at least but have never seen the whole entire thing in one sitting.

today is chilco's vet run (this would be janice's new saints foster dog "sugar" with a brand-new... (less sticky sweet).. name.) we need to come up with a decent plan to manage her hip dysplagia. we want to hold off on any repair as long as we can because hip replacements only last for a few years and she is still only a baby. once we do the surgical has to last for the rest of her life so we don't want to do them too early.

yesterday afternoon, janice and krista and i planted flowers in the back yard. now i am worried that ellie will eat them cuz she will think we planted them for her to snack on.

today i will finish planting the memorial garden containers and krista and i are going to start re-organizing the shop (barf.)

it is quiet here this many dogs have gone out in the last week?..pinky, papa john, kobe, new bud, and poor little jimmy (rip sweetie.)
now if ed, jesse, puff daddy and odie would just leave...i could be pretty damn happy!

both esther and chewie are now getting toss them in the shower every day to clean and debride their wounds. charlotte's abcess is still draining and percy's hasn't started to drain yet, but i think it may soon. wilbur the little pot pig still is not feeling too great..janice thinks it might be his back. we can try adding some tramadol and see if that helps him get mobile again. (just to clarify..wilbur is the little pig and wills is the bigger pig...wilbur had his name first.)
and i really need to finish shaving cliff's matts it looks like his mouth is getting sore again too.

the grass in the bottom field is really growing well now...yay! hopefully it will be ready for everyone by the end of june.

and i think that is all of the news.



oh yeah, forgot to mention, she is 7 and a half and was diagnosed at 3 years old. I regret not replacing the hips right away because now she is developing spondylosis in her back, and i was told that sometimes happens with hip displasia dogs, because of the abnormal postures that a hip dysplasia dog has to take - causes instability in the spine. I would do the surgery early on if i could.


My dog (border collie cross) Lexie also has hip dysplasia, diagnosed a few years ago. I would love to do a hip replacement for her, but its just not financially possible. I was told it would be 6-7 grand PER HIP!!! Anyway, if i win the lotto max on friday, Lexie gets new hips and so will Chilco... but until then, Lexie is managed with green lipped mussell supplements, glucosamine and chondroitin, omega 3's and good ole Rimadyl. Occasional injections of adequan too. And if/when it gets worse, i will take out a loan for my special girl...