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you know what i am really tired of???

Carol  ·  May 10, 2012

living on a corkscrew...twists and bends..up or down every time you turn around. it is not that i can't handle it, it's not that i can't figure all the new twistie bendie things out...cuz i can. i just get tired of re-inventing the whole freaking wheel every time a screw pops up and lets out my briefly satisfied air.

anyway...we are hiring staff member needs the summer off and the rest want various mondays and fridays off. it is a royal pain in my ass but i can accomondate everyone if i go thru the painful process of a hundred resumes and a ton of interviews again which i am going to do.

i posted an ad on craigs list today...part time barn help mon-fri 9am-1pm @11/hr. so if anyone knows an absolute workhorse with a kind and gentle and barn friendly heart.....please tell them to call or email me and save me from the upcoming resume nightmare...they absolutely have to be willing and able to work mornings mon-fridays and they have to have decent barn animal experience and a car.

now i am going to go shoot myself...maybe if i am dead, someone else...(like mo or laura) can wade thru my freaking emails and see if anyone suits.



" maybe if i am dead, someone else…(like mo or laura) can wade thru my freaking emails and see if anyone suits "

Crap.. not likely..haven't you heard people bictch'n at me cause I am lousy at reading my E-mails..trying to read yours, I am sure would put me in the ground


helga..i LOVE are so good to our animls and take such great care of our guys but i not about to let you go out to the barns where if the really heavy, back breaking workload doesn't kill you, one of the thundering, bucking, 2000 pound idiot sticks might (percy and joy!)
...bedtime out there can be tricky..all of the animals are hungry and pushy and in a big hurry, it is not safe unless someone has a ton of large animal barn experience.

but if you are interested in picking up some shifts with the smaller animals..let me know cuz that might be a big help now or down the road depending on how i finally get things figured out again.


When I first read this blog I thought you meant someone for the whole week Monday to Friday. I could do two days a week too or only the Friday noon - 5 if you needed.


hey me..we need monday and fridays (MON 9-1 AND FRIDAYS 9-5 OR NOON TO 5) BUT i am willing to give more shifts during the week to be fair if that is what the person we hires needs...many folks won't want just a mon/fri shift.

cheryl and stef

hey carol, is this monday and friday only or monday thru friday....if you are looking for the 2 days a week. I could come and and do it for you...


lol..erin, you would so make the best saints employee! remind me when you are ready!

Bunny Horne

I wish I didn't have to work full time and then some because I would love working with the barn buddies.


They should have to have their 2wk holiday request in at the start of the year and then wait for the employers approval......the real world I know but I think you need to set down job rules...cause you should not have to always be going thru this craziness..