Rescue Journal

now i know why george washington cut down the apple tree...

Carol  ·  May 12, 2012

because... apple trees are a pain in the ass.

i got one hole dug for the freaking apple trees but i couldn't lift the gawd damn tree out of the pot to plant so i got all sweaty, frustrated and pissed off and quit for the night...i should not be trying to plant freaking trees after 5 pm..bound to fail cuz i am already tired by then.
my list of didn't do's is bigger than my list of did do's..looks like i pretty much sucked today.

i will tell you why i shouldn't be doing the hiring here..i get too wrapped up in actual people...i really, really, really liked someone with zippo experience...i felt really, really,really badly for a down on their luck family desperate for enough money just to put food on the never know the real parts of people til you take the time to talk to them.
i just so hate the whole hiring wears me out trying to do the right thing for saints vs what i think is right for someone else.

if we had a ton of money, i could hire everyone and give them a fair chance. sucks to be broke.

one of my friends in rescue left me a message saying someone really hates her and started a "I hate XXX" facebook page. then she said someone told her not to worry cuz i had my very own "we hate carol" not a fan club and she said she then felt a heck of a lot better.
glad i could be of help... i guess.

erin and i tortured manny and esther in the shower but i had to leave to have my combo birthday/moms day lunch with my family so i did not get a chance to torture chewy..i bet he was happy!

brad pitt is so funny...tonight he was laying in his new wading pool..except he is far too big for it so his ass and his head were laying in the dirt and his middle just simply crushed the poor weakling pool. sorry brad..i don't think they come any bigger than that.

well i better do the bedtime meds et el and toss in the towel for another day...considering i got very little done..i am still pretty tired from today...must be the apple trees fault..too bad we don't own an ax.