Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 12, 2012

i got a lot of my stuff done yesterday...2 dump runs, the memorial garden planted, the linen shelves in the shop tidied..maggie picked up the dog food in maple ridge for me (BIG THX maggie!!)..i did two of the 4 booked potential employee tours (2 never showed up which did piss me off cuz i was wasting time waiting.)
my headche came back with a vengence at 3 am but i got up and took more advil so i feel ok this morning.

if i hadn't been waiting around for nothing..i could have gone to see dixie but i was so i didn't so i really do have to try to see her today.

tess is home from the vets..she is in pathetic mode, she was upset by her vet trip and she hates her ear bandage..but i can take it off tomorrow so that is good.

today i do have to plant the new apple trees..i just have to decide where it is safe to do..ellie very kindly left my backyard flowers alone yesterday..not sure she can restrain herself to leave the trees alone too. should just stick them in one of mystics pre-dug deep holes...that would be pretty freaking tree planting easy!

i am freaking out and watching esther like a hawk cuz i finally started her cushings med induction..i couldn't start her til i was on vacation cuz the induction is tricky and she has to be monitered for in and out so we don't send her into an addisonian crises. the problem is she knows i am looking at her way too intently and that is weirding her out and making her nervous so she is not really quite herself which makes me peer at her even more.
i hate lysodren inductions, it is a tight rope walking, stress inducing, week of sucks. plus it is freaking expensive...$15 per day for the induction phase of her meds.

between upset tess and freaked out esther, hiring, shop cleaning and freaking mini orchard planting...not the most restful of holidays.

oh and an elderly person has sadly passed away...leaving 6 of which is big, blind and quite elderly..i think a phone call i would rather not get may be soon coming my way.

thx mo and laura for the nice picnic dinner last night...the dogs all slept very soundly like really good babies!

i better get dressed...time to start today.



Be happy those two didn't show up...saves potential problems down the road. You found out immediately that they're not reliable.