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help needed for a fading forum

Carol  ·  May 13, 2012

bc rescue has a rescue forum that has been around longer than me. over the years it has been frought with conflict, political jockeying for position and sometimes just plain out and out rudeness until the moderators stepped in and pretty much put a stop to that kind of thing. suddenly all of the drama was gone and people in and on the periphery of rescue apparently like drama...not the real life drama of the struggles of helping homeless animals..but the drama of people sniping back and forth and creating public scenes.

awhile ago a seperate brindleweb facebook page was born and all of the high drama and infighting conveniently moved over to there. i went on there a few times but soon left cz it was to me just the same old boring bullshit with the same old scrapping players with a few newby's learning the scrapping games tossed in.

it is lke the tag team roller derby of rescue...knock someone else down and score a point or two or three for the team.

i never promoted the original brindleweb forum cuz i really did not want people to think that this was what rescue in bc means...a bunch of ill tempered/ill mannered rescue people fighting constantly...sometimes it was pretty embarassing. the old brindle forum is slowly winding new posts for months in some of the forum rooms. the brindleweb forum should be a great opportunity to share rescue stories, learn new things, get help or support or suggestions or just keep in touch with what is happening in rescue today.

there is an urgent section..pets needing assistence, pets needing new homes, lost/found, rescue discussion, white noise(a catch all for whatever you want,) happy tails, in memory and a reference section with some good articles...there is even a section for posting about rescue outside of bc... it is already all set up as a functioning forum for anyone who wants to participate directly, indirectly or lurking on the fringes of rescue.
yesterday..i started posting there again which i have not done much of recently.

the problem is good and interesting or interested people just are not posting there anymore. good people left because of the fighting...then the drama queens left cuz they couldn't fight anymore.
what a waste of a good and useful tool for all of us interested in rescue.

so i am inviting our good folks here to help out rescue here in bc by re-vitalizing the forum again by reading, posting, making appropriate and polite comments to stimulate discussions again.

maybe brindleweb like me is a dinosaur in the new age of quicky one liners on facebook..but dinosaurs can have great value...there is way more meat on them to chew on and think about..a lot more history to learn from and dinosaurs if not left to fade away to extinction, can be a pretty interesting thing to actually work with and see.

so come on brave on the link below and share something..a thought?.... a question?...a story?...a helpful tip?... a great dog cookie recipe?..maybe even about an animal in need? don't have to be from BC to participate, you can be from anywhere..that is what will make this interesting.

can you help bring our rescue board back to life again?
i say...lets see!

just cut and paste the URL below into your browser and give it a shot.


Chris T

I started that FB page a long time ago for when the board was down. Recently, the activity has really taken off there. Personally, I would rather it all go back to the forum...

It is also a much harder space to moderate which I do not have the time nor the inclination for. We have cleaned it up a little bit so there is not as much nasty going on.


I am on both the fb and forum. The forum was not working at times, then would crash and they lost a lot of posts. It was a great resource for rescue folks.
I am still on the fb brindle, and just don't get involved with the drama. I will still stay on it as it has been a great source for rescues to contact each other and share needs.


Carol as far as I know I'm working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. That's what we talked about last week because our new hours are not up and running yet. Or I may be crazy and I'm just imagining this haha. If this is still fine that would be awesome!

Bunny Horne

Okay, I'll bite - I will start reading it, but if it gets mean and nasty I'm gone. There's enough mean and nasty in our lives, don't need any extra. As a society we really love mean and nasty.


PS - I did just go on there and had no problems. :) Carol the write up on Bambi cracked me up!


I used to enjoy reading on the BW site. Im not involved in rescue but would read, try to learn, hope to understand. When it became apparent everyone had gone over to FB I asked to join but because I am not actively involved I did not meet the criteria. I might only be able to help now and then, and only in small ways like a 'forward' here or a 'like' there and a few dollars or attending a show or walk when I can but maybe showing an interest can lead to something?


All of the mean people from the BW forum moved to their closed FB page...I recently became a member and I am SHOCKED at what they say to each other and rip on each other. Some of it is truly down right cruel and they go for the jugular, they get personal, they share personal info it is quite something.

I would never post on there for fear of the cruel things people say, let alone ask for any kind of help...I thought it might be about the animals by now but I don't think it is...

The website comes up in the FB forum and apparently the issue is that it is hit and miss for when you can get on the website...often the page is not working and no one seems to know why...I think it would be great to have a "good" forum but I fear that the "meanies" will come back...


Don't forget brindle has an application that moderators have to approve and it took so long that many never got on and so left.
Alot of the old msg board forums are dying out in favor of fb pages.
Our forum for our group has gone the same way so maybe it's just the new way of doing things?