Rescue Journal

so on friday, i gave away all of our bird seed...

Carol  ·  May 13, 2012

and on sunday night a budgie comes in. he was flying loose....he is pretty thin and tiny and he is totally freaked right out....oh..and he bites. really? teenie weenie ouch, you little tiny moron..i have been bitten by teeth bigger than you!

anyway...he is set up in a cage with a bit of hens scratch seed and some water in the suite where it is quiet because we have cats living where the bird aviaries were. i will figure things out better for him tomorrow.

precious polly pocket went home on a foster to adopt with fiona, our volunteer. we will switch her over to adopted once her spay is done.

i finally saw dixie today so that is a load off my mind and KO and allie planted the apple trees so they are no longer bugging me...thx you guys!!!!

brad has wrecked his first pool and tonight after we gave him his second one he was laying wrapped up in it looking like a giant pink pig in a blue taco shell..i bet you anything tomorrow we will find that it is broken too. brad is apparently a bit of an oaf with wading pools.

shit i am not sure i locked the shop door..i better go check.



I've noticed on Craiglist Fraser Valley and the Vancouver one...lots of Budgies have gone missing.Perhaps this is one of them?


Yes Maggie she did. She is currently sound asleep under my desk while I work.


Thanks for the update on Precious, Fiona. This little girl sure knew what she was doing when she made google eyes at you on Saturday!

janet nicholson

Oh, Carol, that picture of Brad in all his glory enjoying his pool - hope Jenn gets a photo of that - but, just letting my mind wander with that in sight cracks me up! Thank you!


I like your coment Bunny (to feed fish to the raccoons and herons) My roomates have a pond here and the herons had a blast with it up till last year (I think it is now almost fishless


I had a dog who loved her little kiddie pool. She was a Cairn terrier, but I still had to get two pools so there was more thickness to the pool walls. Having one pool inside the other made a huge difference.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I was wondering if it wouldn't be more practical to get one of those PONDs that people install in their yards to feed fish to the raccoons and herons. We could then dig out a hole to match it and set it properly into the ground. Note I said "WE", not meaning you. Would it be to dangerous for him, too expensive, a breeding zone of mosquitos? It's just a thought.


Thank you Fiona for giving this little dog a loving home where she is appreciated for the sweet soul she is. It sounds as though it was meant to be.

I have this desire/want/need/wish to adopt a tiny dog & one day, when I can provide all that he/she will need... I will.

Please keep us updated.. we love happy stories of the ones lucky enough to land their very own home.


Precious is doing fantastic. She has fit in like she has been here all along and does not seem the least bit stressed. Pest is hilarious with her, I think they will end up playing once Pest gets over being the boss. He can't quite figure out what the hell she is as he is quite a bit larger than she is.

Precious spent most of the day sunbathing in the backyard with Katrina then came in and curled up on the couch with either Doug or myself. She slept thru the night with no problems, she has been the perfect little dog. I will take her to Kat's ball game tonight to hang out with the kids, she LOVES kids.

I have no idea why the old owners would give up this sweet little dog but I am sure glad we can give her a home. She also has been wonderful with my old dog, been the perfect little lady. Not pushy, minding her space so the old dog (Cutter) is actually wanting to see who Precious is, sniffing noses and a bit curious. Often other dogs scare Cutter so this has worked out really well.

Thanks Carol for letting us have her.


I had someone wanting to adopt a single budgie for theirs who lost their partner. Should I ask if they are still looking ?