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ahhh...martha stewart day (during the night) dreams

Carol  ·  May 15, 2012

well..that's it...holidays are over again..til my next ones in june. i took off the week before the open house so i can kill myself getting ready before the big day.

this set of holidays was a virtual waste.. i was too stressed out and preoccupied with various mental shit to just buckle down into mindless yet fruitful and fulfilling labor.
oh well...i better try to sort out and get rid of the preoccupation stuff before my next set of pre-open house vacation days or we are totally screwed.
anyway, i goofed around with prettying up the front and back yards and memorial garden....oh and i FINALLY cleaned out my car and they all do look pretty damn good!

(hmmm...maybe i am just getting old and lazy and am looking for conveniently lame excuses.)

here is janice and me...
JANICE! come look at brad...
awww, he is so cute!
CAROL! come and see brad..
aww he is so cute!

cuz you know what?
brad is totally, freaking adorably cute!

the pigs and the chickens/ducks each got a nice and big shade umbrella today...(god forbid someone starts hanging rinky dinky looking blue tarps everywhere!)
i am hoping they work to give them enough shade but if they don't, i do have a second plan (which i don't want to use) in place which involves, neat and small and tidy, and sparkling clean white tarps (krista and janice's idea which of course are very carefully and strategically placed.)

i know folks think i am a loonie toonie freak out about this shit...BUT...but rule number one in rescue is this..if the place is clean and neat and tidy and doesn't look like a carelessly slapped together slum hoarding zone..the animals are happier...the volunteers and the staff enjoy working here better and visitors enjoy the place more during their visits too.

the inside of the worn out house badly needs a good spruce and freshen up paint job but sadly that won't be happening anytime soon....we need a couple of professional paint friendly fairy godmothers/fathers!
we should put THAT on our wish list!

ok...just the bed time routines then i am heading off hopefully for a good nights sleep before working tomorrow...maybe i can put myself to sleep by dreaming of decorating this worn and chewed around the edges, freaking, giant, homeless dog and cat house.

oh martha stewart..woof, woof, meowwww... where the heck ARE you???



i promise i will do extra work for the open house, my attempt at making up for not being there this weekend, and for bear terrorizing (in the sweetest way possible) you guys, especially you carol :)

shelagh f

This is kind of Martha Stewartish, I was going to continue on the main bathroom tomorrow when I go out
with food. The toilet is kind
of fussy, so my husband can put in some new guts if
that is ok with you. Should flush better, you have to
hold the handle down to flush it and it should be an
easy fix, just the guts not the actual toilet. Apparently it has been acting up for a while. I have
a new mirror that I had sitting around my barn and
a few other things. Nothing crazy, just a bit tidier. I know its a shop bathroom, but..... I will continue to clean it up once a week when I bring the canned food. I don't think I will have any arguements
about that.


I agree, Brad is unbelievably cute. That smile on his face is priceless and he does talk back to you.


Awww brad IS adorable. I tell him everytime I work with him that he is my very special friend and he snorts it right back ( in my own delusional head )