Rescue Journal

oh the woes of coming home.

Carol  ·  May 16, 2012

not in a great mood was one of those home comings....old dried (was once liquid diarrhea) adhered to the floor in my bedroom like some kind of super sonic pooh glue (fergus!) took forever to scrub it up with the mop! and the blind dogs tripped on the tray put under their food and water and flooded the mp room.

just so everyone knows..
i think the whole plastic tray idea under food and water bowls sucks...they always look dirty cuz the kibbles fall into the tray and drips of water from the dogs mouths after drinking make them into a soggy mess of slimey food bits. also if the dogs trip or step on the lip of the tray (like dusty or lucky did sometime this afternoon...), it looks even worse..a full bucket of water tips over into the tray and into the dry food bowl, and over the lip and onto the floor...the kibble is ruined...the floor is a sopping really is quite disgusting and a ton of extra work.

a neatly folded towel looks and works absorbs the water drips so any dropped kibble stays relatively dry and the dogs will still eat it cuz it is fine.

and besides that and actually more importantly......those trays were actually for human food for our events like open houses when we supply snacks and humans want to eat food off of trays that our dogs once used.

don't worry any future open house visitors..i will now toss all of these ones out and buy new fresh non-dog ones for our upcoming open house in june...the new ones will be safe to snack from...not even i will eat from a dog food bowl..i promise....i will keep our visitors safe from it too!!!

sigh...and then there is phoebe who is in a nasty mood...she nailed bambi for no reason except bambi came too close to her. i chased her to her bed and told her to lie down and she sat there snarling at me and daring me to just try to make her. man that dog is a freaking banchee some days. i wasn't going to touch her even tho i did want to wring her neck cuz i did not want to get bitten today. the thought of grabbing the broom and beating her over the head flitted thru my mind but i sent her to her zen den and slammed the door after her instead...AND i told her i am never letting her out.

a couple of days ago..did i actually say she was my heart dog????...not bloody likely..she is a freaking hag!

tonight i wish i could just get into the car and go back to work...there is some sense of sanity in the real world..



I have a shark steam cleaner/vacuum and it doesn't clean up dried pet waste very well. I love it if the house stays relatively clean but any kind of sticky or hardened spots take a bit of going over to remove them. They work well if the house stays relatively clean and you're maintaining it but for thorough cleanings, not so much.


no problem erin.

i looked at those bunny..i don't think they will work here very well but thx for the thought!


is it ok if i keep the cat carrier i borrowed for a little longer? tabitha (my cat) has to go back to the vet friday then again the following friday. i could return it then reborrow it but i dont think your in any lack-of-cat-carrier-crisis...still, its only polite to ask...

Bunny Horne

Would one of those new fangled STEAM mops work at all in your environment. Someone in my building tossed an almost brand new one out a few months back and I retrieved it. They cost $70. I barely ever use it. It's good for all kinds of flooring and carpet, takes seconds to heat up and the pad is machine washable. If you think it would work for you let me know I will bring it with me on the weekend. If not, I will just keep it.