Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 17, 2012

sad news yesterday...sheila called me and said scrappy was suddenly not doing well again. he has been dealing with many health issues...diabetes, hyperthyroidism and finally cancer. she and leila were taking him in for euthanizaion at the end of the day. sheila was crying as she told me this and i was happy that she was so sad because scrappy deserved to be able to break a couple of hearts at the end of his days. to someone before, he was just a throw away street cat but scrappy was no longer that any more.

sheila and leila gave him a great home and he made them laugh, and he made them think cuz scrappy was not a normal every day kind of cat, he had a bigger than life personality. i don't think they had ever met a cat quite like him before.

at the end of his days, scrappy was loved by someone, he had a family who cared.

i am sorry that my friends are so sad at losing him..but i am so glad scrappy at the end of his life was so very well loved.

rest in peace and way to go scrappy, good on you for bruising some loving you hearts.

hugs to sheila and leila, and our most grateful thanks for giving a sick and fat old black street cat, tears at the end of his days.



I am so very sorry about Scrappy. His and Lotus' table Tale made me weep more than once.


i am so sorry sheila and leila he had a great home with you. so glad you took him in. rlp scrappy


I'm very sorry Sheila and Leila. He was such an awesome boy who was very lucky to have you both.


(((HUGS))) to you both Sheila & Leila. Yes, Scrappy for sure had a way about him that stood out in a crowd. Bless you both for seeing him thru all his health issues and mostly for giving him a loving home and a family.


Sheila and Leila so sorry for this loss. Scrappy was loved by 2 of the kindest people I know..I hope the memories of your time together will bring you smiles and your hearts heal quickly. He was a very fortunate cat to have you two as his people for his final years.

Bunny Horne

Carol - ponder this in your head as a potential solution to the Brad bathing pit....
Dig out the end of his pen so it slopes to about 8" at the deepest end. Lay industrial plastic with a water resistant tarp over the plastic. (C-Tire has tarps super cheap this weekend). Cover the plastic/tarp with the soil that was removed to shape his bathing pit so his big feet won't cut the plastic/tarp. Of course all evidence of the liner has to be concealed or he will just play with it and pull it all out. (remember the new blue tarp fiasco with ziggy and ellie mae last spring) Fill with water. Stir lightly with a 700 pound happy pig - insert cabana umbrella for ambiance.
Think about it. If you think it's a possibility Brent and I can work on it this Sunday and Monday. We will pick up the materials.

Bunny Horne

Sheila and Leila, our thoughts are with you on this very difficult day. Hopefully you will take comfort in knowing that you provided the very best possible home at the end of Scrappy's life. There needs to be a few more Sheilas and Leilas in this world.