Rescue Journal

the new little guys name is...

Carol  ·  May 18, 2012

georgia cuz she is a girl. thx sheila for picking her up and bringing over to my work!!

she was a stray, has catarcts, she is skinny and has an utterly rotten mouth and a very painful back end. i have started her on pain meds and antibiotics to hold her til her vet appointment on tuesday. she is a sweet little girl and pretty damn cute (and hungry)..she has already had two decent sized meals of canned food and she just got here a couple of hours ago too.

i swear to god i am going to kill esther..i left her alone for not even an hour while laura and i went out for chinese food and she started tearing at her bandage and in the process, chewed up her wound. that is it....i don't give a shit if she can't (or won't) walk with a cone on...she is wearing one now and it is not coming off til she heals. she is looking totally depressed and pathetic, and i don't give shit. luckily erin was here to drop off bear so she helped me fix up esther's bandage again.

bear is here...he is upset..big bambi is mildly still upset too...i told them it is only for the weekend but both of them think they have been re-abandoned. get over it you survived perfectly fine the first time around and you will survive this long weekend too.

i better buy more peak freans..they cheer bambi up so they might cheer up bear too.

odie thought he would try being a dickhead to bear, so i thumped him on top of the head with my cheque book a micro-second before he grabbed bear by the neck (it just conveniently happened to be in my hand cuz i was going to take it back to the office) and told him to knock it off. odie went.."ow!' and went and laid he is sulking in bed which works out better for bear. i think i will keep the cheque book in the computer room for tonight until i know for sure that odie thinks bear has his very own chequebook to thump dickheaded dogs on the head.

anyway...everyone is finally settling down from all of the excitement of newly arrived dogs..except georgia...she is still wandering around the kitchen inspecting the food bowls hoping one of them holds some more soft canned food.



Hi Erin and Lynn, I'll make sure Bear and Bambi get a good walk tomorrow and Monday.
Carol, I'll pick up a couple of packages of Peak Freans on my way up tomorrow morning.