Rescue Journal

i finally watched it..

Carol  ·  May 20, 2012

"The Vow" was not the heartrendng, tear jerking movie i expected...but it was ok.

chance was a bit pissed off cuz i stuck him in my bedroom feeding cage for the night. but he was scaring holly and georgia with his mongolian monster routine.

i better get moving and go get some breakfast cuz i am doing the house up today.
i see that it looks like it is going to rain so i also want to go down and repeat re-seed the bottom field, the grass is growing well but not as thickly as i would like. i think a second seeding and then some fertilizer might kick start it to lusher growth. i am worried tho that we may not have that field ready for the barn guys this year at all.
oh well you cannot rush these things...we started from scratch this year with six inches of dirt and no grass at may take a full year for the new grass to take root, fill in and be strong. but a full year of all of our guys on the upper field will devastate that field this year as well.

who'd have thought i would have to learn how to manage grass growing when i got into rescue so many years ago?

i bet i would really enjoy a movie about the trials and tribulations of grass growing...sadly somehow rescue has turned me into a grass obsessed farmer joe.



cattle ranchers in the US west typically rotate where they graze their herds from year to year... this bovine version of crop rotation allows the grass a year to recover. you may find that will work best for you and your barn guys as well. hugs and kisses to my favorite grazer Ziggy.