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i am quitting while i am ahead.

Carol  ·  May 22, 2012

bear went home yesterday..and today bambi goes too. they were both really good while here but they were unhappy cuz they thought they had lost their homes again. and this is the problem with previously homeless dogs..they know what abandonment means. they don't understand they were only here for the least not until erin and lynne come back and get them...then they get it. now do i think peope should never leave their previously homeless dogs to go on vacation? i think that they should cuz too bad if the dogs are upset for a couple of days...they were actually both fine and fully life (even with erin and lynne) is ever perfectly perfect. no one likes going to the vet, no one likes being left behind, there are lots of normal every day things in life that no one really likes...too bad.

now chance is a totally different story..he is back for a week again and does he care in the least? well yes he does cuz he likes coming back here. he thinks being at saints is fun. he gets bathed and groomed and carried around, he gets yelled at for being a meany scary monster with the other dogs. so why does chance like it so much? i have no idea, he has always been a really weird dog. but maybe it is because this was the very first place where he felt loved...bambi and bear were loved by their familes before, chance was pretty much stuck alone in the basement and totally ignored.

or maybe he is just stupid.

one vet appointment today with georgia....i am trying to decide if i will take the afternoon off when we are done with that...hmmm...maybe.

nice to see the sun this morning but i was really glad to have had the means the grass can grow better and the well will have water so that is a good thing cuz i think all total yesterday i did about 20 loads of laundry between saints and my personal stuff, just in the house!
today i absolutely have to order water and fill up the tanks so we are ready for when the well suddenly goes dry...oh and i better teach the staff how to do the switch over so they are able to do it if i am not here.

ok i better quit now before i think of anything else i have to do today.



i am thinking that erin and i could actually take care of each others dogs when we have to go away. i totally trust erin and bear and bambi like each other. other than that i think i would hire lana i am going away for 2 weeks in nov so really have to think what would be best for bambi. i know carol is totally going to take care of her but she was so upset when i left her on thurs and that is not to say she does not like saints but it is the idea for her that i am leaving her and will not come back. it almost totally killed me on thurs as she watched me walk away. it was really hard as she is my girl and i love her very much.


you can check out lana at she gives a discount for people with saint animals:)


ive got months to decide, or maybe thatll be my excuse of not going up there at all:) are you ok with lush? would you rather cash? its my favourite store, thought you might like it, only shitty thing is its either coquitlam center or guilford


it is up to you but if you are going to hire a sitter...hire lana cuz i trust her not to lose him.

another Doreen

Actually, I try to leave my dogs at daycare/kennel on occasion so they are familiar with being there in case I ever go away on vacation or have to leave them. I usually try to send the new ones with a veteran who has been there before so s/he can show them the ropes. And I have my friend's little dog over for a "visit" at my house at least every couple of months. At first she was quite stressed and would stay as close to her leash as she could. But after a few times she is obviously more comfortable here and knows she will be going home again.


actually, we decided not to do that again. its too hard on bear, the only other weekend we normally go away is thanksgiving so i think its just easier on everyone to just hire a housesitter. not a perfect solution, but he should never be again worry if hes lost his home, hes an emotional guy to begin with.

francesca Wilson

Hi Carol, Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow
Thank you