Rescue Journal

one of those nights....

Carol  ·  May 23, 2012

esther ripped off her bandage at 8 pm, holly started to seizure at 9 pm...smokey grand mal seizured at 10 pm...fergus just exploded with diarrhea all over my bedroom floor and jazzy must be a seizure sensing sensitive dog cuz she is totally terrified tonight by all of the seizure many dogs with known past seizure activity are there around here? hmmm...chance, squirt, fergus, odie, esther, smokey and i guess now i can add holly...oh freaking yay.
.....something in the air tonight...hold on...
now that song is stuck in my head and who the heck won american idol cuz i missed it!

holly post seizure was interesting...she wanted me to stay with her and touch her and soothe her and cried if i stopped. we are talking about "oh, please don't touch me cuz it is scary" holly. it must have really scrambled her brains up, she forgot that she doesn't really like me all that much.

morgan is so freaking cute, she is rolling around on a dog bed, killing a fleece.

i can't decide if it is safe to go to bed or should i stay up in case someone needs me again? what are the chances of something else going on???
big far...rescue has sucked pretty badly tonight.


Grant Hayter-Menzies

I'm sorry about all this, Carol - and I hope Holly is recovering OK.


Phillip Phillips won "American Idol" Carol. I was on the overnight at work, so got to see most of the show. Two of my ladies have the stomach flu, so I was a bit busy last night too. I'll be happy to be back to SAINTS this Sunday, and see everyone.


Oh poor dogs and poor you Carol....a little sleep night. Could it be something the dogs ate? My dog is sometimes sensitive to people food which can cause her to throw up which is something that always preceeds a seizure for her.


"If you're going through hell, keep going. "
~ Winston Churchill

Sorry it's been a rough night for all, Carol - the morning will be better...