Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 23, 2012

apparently not only is 5 am too early for me to get is too early for the dogs. there is not a single poop or pee to clean, maybe the early morning shift ain't so bad after all!

yesterday while not ending up being any real kind of day off was ok. bambi went home so she was happy, georgia had her vet visit and bloodwork, and her dental and spine xray are booked for next wed... so i am happy. and i did a tour with a really nice couple from vancouver who were really interested in the work that we do. i cleaned the suite and vacuumed up all of the bird seed...(birds are messy little creatures)...picked up a few bags of cat litter and barn feed to last until the (holy shit!) $1100, 2 week feed order is delivered later today..a least i won't be having to haul heavy shit for a couple of weeks...yay.

i totally forgot to do the water stuff til it was too late...oh well...i better do it on monday (my next day off.) we should be ok til then with this week of rain.

ellie ate one of the baby apple trees... bad ellie! i told her last week to leave those alone cuz i was trying to grow apples for her. she obviously did not listen very well.

i must have picked up manny off of the floor like ten times late yesterday. i finally got frustrated and sent him to bed and told him to stay there and thankfully he did....he listened to me better then a certain princess pig!

lucky is doing ok on her own..ithink she is missing dusty but is handling it well. i finally had to turn off the sound of music last night cuz after 48 hours of continuous playing, i was afraid it might drive her insane.

the hills are alive....
you can only listen to that so many times!

ok, i gotta get out of here or i will be late for work.



My newly seeded beds always look like battlefields - wire barriers all over the place. You learn the hard way.


You should put a wire cage around the remaining tree (trees?). Even with cats around everything in the garden has to be protected by some kind of barrier until it is too big to be damaged. And if its catnip even a cage won't help. I planted a container with catnip and put a wire cage over the top. The neighbour's cat managed to fish the whole plant out - nothing left but a hole. That is determination. Plant catnip in out of reach hanging basket.