Rescue Journal

ok...jenn found the signs in the shop so ignore my post looking for them.

Carol  ·  May 26, 2012

however...we still can't find the house cell phone..i did find the number on my call display and called it but it is not ringing anywhere that i can hear. where it a mystery.....
i guess i better go buy a new one cuz the house cannot be without a phone in an emergency (i still haven't gotten the land line day i will remember to do it...maybe.)

it was a good barn bedtime..charlotte had a dunk in the water trough and wills had a roll in the mud. i have a design in my head for a shady-mud-bath pig pergola for brad's and their i just need someone to build them.

all the dogs have been out for a pee so just feeding and meds are left.

oh a reminder to anyone putting to bed here at night...please close the chicken house windows..i have fears of predators ripping thru the window screens and murdering the birds in their sleep.
i am actually pretty pleased wth how the lower field grass is growing, maybe it will be ready for the barn guys in june! i have to say that the weather has been perfect for grass growing.

no real news tonight which is probably a very good thing around here so there you go..hope everyone has a very peaceful and quiet night (that's what i want too!)



Hey Carol/Janice, Rhonda(farrier)was here yesterday at my moms she wanted me to remind you that she will be at there Tues 9:30.


Did you look in the shop carol? I think I saw it there but I may be wrong


Too funny Carly... I was gonna write the same thing. Mystic may have thought it was a remote.