Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 27, 2012

fergus was off his food all day today..i couldn't even get him to take his meds this morning. he still wouldn't eat for the volunteers later and that worries me. i did manage to feed him about 6 large tablespoons of canned food tonight and he did take his meds so that is a bit better. but he has been doing the long slow slide for quite a while now and i am so afraid his sliding is coming near to the end. i left message for the vet clinic tomorrow, hoping i can get him in.

and tonight i noticed lucky is coughing again...this worries me because last time she was coughing she had that gawd awful pneumonia...please don't let that be coming is worrisome because she does have that mass in her lung.

and i noticed at barn bedtime that gideon is not only dropping weight again pretty quickly BUT he is getting more unsteady on his feet now too, plus he is not lifting his feet and he is tripping..none of this is very good.

sucks to worry about three of our pretty damn special guys all at the very same time.

on a more positive note....

welcome back brenda! that was a pretty freaking long month if you ask me!

and welcome to our new volunteers who did their first shifts this weekend..i do hope they liked it here.

and thank you again to all of the weekend warriors..great job this weekend the place looked and felt great on both of the days...yay to everyone who rolled up their sleeves and chipped in!!!!



Carol, I'm sick. My throat is all closed up and it' hurts to talk which is why I'm posting. Could someone cover for me today? Can you call me when you see this and let me know? Thanks