Rescue Journal

dream a little dream for me.....

Carol  ·  May 28, 2012

i think the cameras are going in starting today... but not sure if the weather forecast will affect the installations..i guess we will see.
i have to get fergus into the vet and tess needs her sutures out so i better call about that.
chance apparently goes home today and there is a new old pound puppy named pepper coming in tonight.
laura is picking up puff daddy and georgia and taking them in for grooming...and i think that may be all of the planned happenngs today....the unplanned still need to be seen!

i am thinking that when we have cameras all over the place... we should do a reality show here..."the Rescue Apprentice"....we could have a whole bunch of starry eyed hopefuls come in, give it their all and then watch them start to bicker, mess up, go freaking nutso and then crash and burn in the dogroom board room....someone could be my right and left handed aides actually monitering the hopeful, wanna-be babes in the poopy woods and i could swoop in every week for one minute and just say...'so and so you freaking suck at rescue...i'm sorry (not really).... you're fired.'
we could all get paid (since i am basically playing donald trump..i want his paycheque!) and when the last (hopefully) best (wo)man is left standing at the grand finale....maybe i get to walk away and use my very generous earnings to buy a super nice condo in hawaii...(that doesn't allow pets!)
now wouldn't that be a great reality show??????

ok..i am just being stupid here.... back to the real reality cuz i better get out of my pj's and bathrobe and get dressed...the real day is starting, fantasy will have to take a step back.



Carol, I have 12 cans Hills K9 j/d and 24 cans hills fel c/d that we can't sell since they expire soon, I will bring them out this Sunday. Is there anyone particular that needs them?


Ann, could you leave me a copy of the latest financial statement in my mail box please? Writing an app. for a grant today.


sounds like a hit show....and you remembered the grooming appts. wow your mind this morning is