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so here is the problem with taking muscle relaxents

Carol  ·  May 30, 2012

and napping on and off for most of the i am wide wake.
the guys from accurate finished the camera is pretty damn cool...i can now watch the horses from my computer chair...czar is currently sacked out on his side,,flicka is still eating her hay and i am watching 4 rats finishing off gideon's dinner...oh yay.

ziggy has been turning the lights on and off every few minutes for most of the evening so far...thank god we don't have one of those stamp on, stamp off lighting things or the horses would never get any sleep at all! as it stands now, every time that zig wants turn on and turn off the light, he actually has to walk over and reach up with his nose. i am assuming he will eventually get tired of it and leave the lights off for awhile.

i had some trouble taking georgia in to the vet this i shouldn't have been driving cuz i couldn't shoulder check and almost took out a car. after that i stayed in one lane and didn't try to move back and forth. she had a whole whopping 19 teeth extracted today so she is staying over night which is good for me too... will go get her later tomorrow when hopefully i can twist and bend a bit better.

other than that, not much news from today cuz i spent most of the day in bed...i just took my last muscle relaxent for today so hopefully i will be back in bed and sleeping again and will be less stiff and sore tomorrow.


another Doreen

D Gibson and all: have you ever heard/read about The Starfish Story? Lots of variations on that theme but basically a world-weary person sees another person on a beach picking up beached starfish and throwing them back into the ocean. Person 1 says "why bother? There are too many to make a difference!". Person 2 looks at the starfish in hand, throws it into the water, and says: "Made a difference to that one!" None of us can rescue all the animals - not even Carol - but we can each make some small differences and pay it forward.


Re the driveway sensor. I was the 1st person in the house on Sunday,(after being away a month) and couldn't figure out what the constant chiming was about. I 1st thought it was a doorbell?, but no one was there; and then I thought a timer was going off, but where? I finally gave up, and just ignored it, hoping it wasn't something really important,
(like a bomb alarm.) Thanks Dionne for filling me in when you arrived. When I saw all the cars parked in the driveway it all made sense!! I do think it's a great idea - when you know about it.
Carol, I hope you're feeling better tomorrow.


d made my day..knowing a partially blind, deaf, cardiac, homeless senior got a new great home all the way down in texas because of reading about our guys (and your very kind heart!) that is a gift!
thank you!!!!


A big thank you to Accurate for our new security system! I was there the other day and heard for the first time the driveway sensor - that will be very usefull. So happy to know Carol no longer has to go out and walk in the dark to the barn to check on our guys.

Again a big thank you for helping us, your generosity and kindness will not be forgotten.


D Gibson

I just wanted to tell you that I've been following you on your blog for months and look forward to your entries each day. You and the animals always make me laugh; and sometimes cry but it's always a joy to read. I love the tally of Mystic and the remotes. While all of my dogs and cats are healthy at this time, due to your influence I took in a stray (we think dumped) 12 year old terrier mix with heart murmur, going blind and hard of hearing. Other than that he's just fine! :) While I can't compare taking in one senior to your commitment, I must share that watching you and your work remind me that each of us can help in some small way, maybe one senior at a time.

PS: If I ever win the Texas Lottery I promise that Saints Rescue will never have to worry about $$ again :) :)