Rescue Journal

all is well that ends well.

Carol  ·  May 31, 2012

i am loving the new camera set up..there is no way on god's green earth that we could have ever afforded anything so sophisicated to moniter our guys.... BIG FREAKING HUGE WHACKS OF GRATITUDE to steele on your side for running the story and helping us to get our money refunded...and double the same thanks to Tony and his guys at Accurate Security for not only pulling all of their generous suppliers together for us but also for aligning all of the planning, the bits and pieces and details into one freaking super great gift to saints package plus donating the several full and big and complicated install days....YAY Accurate Security! CTV was out today for the final update now that the cameras are in and i have to say that every single person from CTV from lynda to darcy the producer to the camera shooters...have all been wonderfully supportive and kind...YAY CTV!

it is all quite amazing!

and for the animal news...

georgia is home and looks like she has been thru the war. that was a massive surgery for such an old and frail girl. hopefully her mouth will soon feel 100% better and she can start packing on some much needed pounds. as always we are so ongoingly grateful to our regular vet clinics...eastridge animal hospital, hillndale animal hospital and agwest large animal vet services, for the wonderful care they all so generously give to our guys.

wilbur, our bed bound pot belly pig had xrays from stem to stern..spine, hips, pelvis, knees, chest and abdomen...all look really good. his bloodwork will be back in a few days and while he was under he had his feet and tusks trimmed. he went out to the folks at Whatcom Animal Hospital so we could get all of the various views easily on xray just using a gas down (safer than a general anaesthetic for a pig)..they too are super nice folks and took exceptionlly gentle care of our (not so) little 190 pound pig! hopefully his reluctance to mobilize is because his feet needed trimming..i guess we will see if he becomes more mobile in the next few days.

i am feeling pretty ok again...that flareup of ouch seems to have settled down. maybe it was the change in the weather that messed me up and not hauling TV's around but i will not ever stop taking advil twice daily again cuz that freaking well hurt.

so all seems to be well in the saints world tonight..and i can see thru the multiple lens's of our new cameras.... that everything out in the barn tonight is also good!

oh hey...ziggy just turned the barn lights on again for a while...he is such an electricity wasting dipstick but he also is just too funny!



You should send a video of Ziggy to America's funniest videos. You never know! One person won $10,000 for their dog who starts to swim when held anywhere near water such as swimming pool, toilet, even a cup of water. Made me upset because I didn't think of sending in a video of my Jack Russell who did the same thing...damn! You never know what will win!!!


it appears that once ziggy is ready to sleep for the night he leaves the lights off...whenever i get up in the middle of the night, i can easily see from my bedroom window that the barn lights are always off. i think he just goofs around with them until he is tired,


Hats Off to all the great people who helped make the security system happen for SAINTS!

Bunny Horne

I told some folks today about the new security system and how you can watch the rats partying, but when I told them that you can now watch Ziggy, our mini-donkey, turning the lights on and off there was more than one person that spit their coffee in my direction. Yay, Accurate Security, Linda Steele and crew at CTV. Carol you love those talent shows, maybe the rats will happy dance while Zig gives you a light show.


That new camera system sounds awesome! Maybe I should look into something like that for the kennel. It would save a lot of prowling around at night trying not to wake anyone! Accurate Security - I'll have to keep it in mind.