Rescue Journal

so sorry but too funny...let there be light...or not.

Carol  ·  May 31, 2012

ziggy turned the lights off again after about 5 minutes..he left them off for about half an hour and then he started the on for 2 minutes off for 1 minute over and over thing...he must drive the barn guys insane. it has to be as annoying as the channel remote control surfers flipping around every couple of minutes.
i suppose even tho his game is highly amusing to me to watch thru the cameras...i must assume to the barn guys to have to put up with it in real life every freaking night..that maybe it's really not so cute or all that amusing to them.
i guess i better look into a donkey proof light switch for the barn. the old farts might appreciate that...sad sigh. there goes ziggy's bedtime light on, light off, light on, light off, light on and off again fun.



Now that you have security cameras, you need to put that silly donkey and his light switch on YouTube. We all want to have a good laugh, too! Share the fun!

Bunny Horne

MO - we will bring some fruits for the barn guys on Sunday morning.


once the switch is blocked you can just see ziggy stomp his feet and say awww! no fair!


I watched him play with one of Mystic's stuffy's the other day, me thinks we need to fix him a toy box .


If someone can tell me if the light switch is a single or double toggle on the face I can find the right solution to halt Ziggy's obsession. Bunny and I are there this Sunday. (it does bring a smle to my face though, I love that donkey.)


that is pretty funny but yes it must really annoy the other animals. What a funny donkey. He must just marvel at the power he has to make light ...